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1005-Lab Report:

Natdanai Tachakamonsuk [Pop]
Poonsarp Techasupatkul [Sarp]
Wittawat Suwattananon [Jui]
Niti Thongkumpan [Game]
Sarun Wittayatam [Win]

From early development of humanity, we have lot of water in our body and
we need large amount of water just to stay alive and hydrated. Amount of water in
our body depend on gender, fat, bone, and muscle. There are many organ that
require water to function.Water also have its own function. It protect vital organ,
increase metabolic rate, and maintain internal balance. There are three ways to get
water. First, drinking water, this is the easiest way to get water. Second, from food.
Third, metabolism, this is the most complicated way to produce water.
There are three types of water in food which are free, trapped, and bound
water. Free water or Bulk water is the water molecules in the food that need to stay

with water molecules. Capillary or Trapped water is the water that is held in a small
tube of a food. Bound water is water molecules that stick with other nutrient.
Our lab experiment will focus about dehydrating fruit to find moisture
content in each fruit. Moisture is the percent of water in the fruit. Different fruit
have different moisture content and nutrient. this experiment will tell each
moisture of each fruit for you to choose to consume.


Fruit Sample
Chopping board
Wax paper


- Knife
- Dehydrator
- Electronic Balance

Data Table
Group member

mass of sample in Mass of sample in moisture

(initial mass)
(final mass)





















Average: 82.77%

1. Why did the weight of the sample decrease? Explain.
All the food contain water and when water are removed it left over with the matter of the
Fruit. When the fruit got dehydrated. The water evaporated by the heats.

2. Each group member should comment on the changes they

observed from the wet to dry sample.
Pop : The color of apple changes to brown and the size of the apple shrunk from the
original size.

Sarp: The size and color of sample after dehydrated is different from original sample. it
have smaller size and brown color. its texture still little squashy. i think we should
dehydrate longer to make in more crispy.
Jui : The sample shrunk from it original size, and the texture became squishy too. We
do need more time to create a perfect dehydrated apple.
Game : The apple is shrink a lot and thin. color is changed from red to a bit brown. we
can feel a water in it maybe cause of we put out a fruit too early.
Win : The apple size shrink a little from the original size the colour are still the same as
it is from the point where it put in.

3. Do you think your sample needed more time to dry? Why or why
Yes, because the samples (apple) are still soft and the texture is squishy, it supposed to
be crispy like chips. Also the actual moisture content of the apple is 84%. Our group
have an average moisture content of 82.77%.

4. How did the average moisture content of the other fruit samples
compare to your group?
Banana samples have 73% of average moisture. Orange samples have 82.24%,
Pineapple have 82.75%. While our group is 82.77%. As a result, apple have the highest
amount of water in it compares to all of the fruits in our class.

5. Why did some samples dehydrate more efficiently than others? (For
within your group and also between different groups)

Each fruit have different amount of water content such as Bulk water, Bound water and
Capillary water
Which is some of them are harder to extract than another type. The fruit with a lot of
bulk water and less bound and capillary water.
Will be easier to extract than fruit with a lot of bound water. Bulk water are the easiest to
extract due to it a type of water that you can squeeze out.
Capillary water are water that trap between the physical barrier of the fruit.The bound
water how ever is the water that bound inside fruit in molecular
that make the bound water the hardest to extract. And depend on size the fruit as well
the smaller the faster the fruit will get dehydrated due to more surface area.

6. Research advantages and disadvantages to dehydrated food

products and explain. Include APA citations.
Advantage of the Dehydration food is it can be kept longer and it unlikely to spoiled.
Because of Microorganisms usually grow In humidity environment. And Without Water
Microorganism cant grow in food. But Dehydrated food can contain high calorie And
high Sugar. Also it can contain high sodium which can lead to hypertension and
coronary heart disease.

The Disadvantages of Dehydrated Food. (2015). Retrieved January 28,

2016, from

Through this dehydration experiment, We understand more about water, We dehydrated
an apple to see the result of it when dehydrated. what we observed are changing in
texture, color, size, odor and taste. It was surprising, because at first we doesnt
suggested it to be this small, it shrunk from its original piece and squishy.

Work Log


Natdanai Tachakamonsuk [Pop]



Poonsarp Techasupatkul [Sarp]

Introduction/Data table


Wittawat Suwattananon [Jui]

Analyzing result questions


Niti Thongkumpan [Game]



Sarun Wittayatam [Win]

Analyzing result questions