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Jessica Garner
441 S. Maple #89
Mesa, AZ 85206
Arizona State University-Bachelors Degree in Elementary Education (May 2016)
Deans List: Spring 2013, Fall 2014, Spring 2014, Fall 2015
GPA: 3.63
Education-Related Experience
Eduprize Gilbert (2015-2016): Two semesters spent student teaching through iTeachAZ in this first grade classroom where more
responsibility was gradually accepted until, by the end of January, all duties including lesson plans, classroom management,
recordkeeping, grading, and general preparation was assumed under the guidance of Carrie Kaufman (mentor).
Highland Arts Elementary (January 2015-May 2015): Twelve weeks for a total of 80 hours spent in this second internship
classroom, third grade.
Summit Academy (August 2014-December 2014): Twelve weeks for a total of 91 hours spent in this first internship classroom, a 7th
and 8th grade ELA class.
Other Applicable Experience
Odyssey Services Corporation (May 2015-present)
As a habilitation worker, it is my job to help clients maintain or regain their cognitive brain function, such as short-term memory,
hand-eye coordination, and maintaining activities of daily living through planned lessons and activities.
Volunteer Work
Youth Haven Ranch (May 2015); 31 hours
Duties: Kitchen help, small group activity leader with campers.
House of Hope (December 2014); 6 hours
Duties: Meal prep/serve; sorted through donated goods; handed out donated goods.
Arizonans for Children (Spring 2013); 70 hours
Duties: Visitation center supervisor; mentor to kindergarten student in foster care.
Sunshine Acres (2013); 20 hours
Duties: Sorted clothing for the thrift store on site at Sunshine Acres.
Youth Soccer Team Coach (2012); 30 hours
Duties: Planned/led two practices per week in preparation for games on Saturday; communicated with parents in a variety of ways.
Project: Cookies for the homeless in Downtown Phoenix (November-December 2012); 50 hours
Duties: Baked and packaged several dozen cookies; collected and packaged baked goods from volunteers; handed out cookies in
Downtown Phoenix.
Minds Eye Magazine (2011); 75 hours
Duties: Reviewed, voted on, edited, and organized entries submitted by students for school magazine.
Project: Sunshine Acres (2010); 120 hours
Duties: This projected was self-developed for a high school English project, and included collection of shoeboxes for gifts, rounding
up volunteers, collecting donations, sorting gifts, wrapping, and transporting gifts to site.
Certifications and Skills
NES certification Professionalism, Subtest 1, and Subtest 2 (scores pending)
CPR and First Aid certified
Article 9 training
Solid knowledge of Word, PowerPoint, Weebly website maker, Plickers (an assessment tool), Google Drive, and various other
educational tools
Conversational Spanish
Sherri Stradling
Summit Academy (Mesa, Arizona)

Carrie Kaufman
Eduprize Schools Gilbert

Becki Chapman
Arizona State University