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Dion M.

SPED 646
February 15, 2016

Artifact Rationale: Universally Designed Lesson Plan

The Universally Designed Lesson Plan project was introduced to
us in SPED 646. UDL is a set of principles for curriculum development
that give all individuals equal opportunities to learn. UDL teaches us
that as learners, there are three primary brain networks that come into
play with learners: recognition networks, strategic networks, and
affective networks. The three primary principles of UDL offer learners
multiple means of representation, expression, and engagement. With
this assignment we were asked to develop a lesson plan for our
students. This assignment allowed me to design a lesson that reached
students of different abilities and learning styles. The Universally
Designed Lesson Plan artifact is directly connected to CEC Standards
three and five: Curricular Content Knowledge, and Instructional
Planning and Strategies.
CEC Standard 3: Curricular Content Knowledge, focuses on using
knowledge of the curriculum to develop individualized learning
opportunities for students. This was the first lesson plan that I created
using Common Core State Standards. The Common Core establishes
grade level expectations and I was able to achieve this in my lesson

plan. I was able to use universal strategies to adapt the material so

that all students were given an opportunity to access the material in a
way that best fit the students learning styles. I was also able to allow
my students to express what learned in different and creative ways.
This lesson allowed me to reach those students who struggle with
strategic and organizational abilities and those with language barriers
to express their learning in different ways. Some of my students may
be able to express themselves well in written text but not speech, and
vise versa. With the skills that I learned in this assignment, I will use
them throughout my teaching career. I was able to apply these skills
many times since I was introduced to the UDL format, and my students
have benefited from my learning.
CEC Standard 5, Instructional Planning and Strategies focus on
educators using a repertoire of evidence-based instructional strategies
to advance learning of individuals with exceptionalities. The CEC
standard states that professionals should use technologies to support
instructional assessment, planning, and delivery for individuals with
exceptionalities. This was demonstrated with my use of incorporating a
video from You Tube into the lesson. I was able to reach several of
my students who become very engaged in a lesson that has music.
The video was the late Luther Vandross singing about jobs and interest.
Each tool was selected based on the students strengths and needs, as
well as interest. Access to high and low technology during the lesson

was meant to help the student either access the material, or effectively
demonstrate what they had learned. As stated before, the UDL lesson
plan involves the use of technology for all students. Knowing how to
integrate those tools effectively can help students access the
curriculum that they would otherwise be unable to.
After developing this UDL lesson plan, I learned how to
incorporate technology into the classroom. I have always enjoyed the
use of music in school. My earliest memories of speaking in front of a
class, was reciting the Preamble from School House Rock. Before this
lesson, I wasnt sure if it was appropriate to use videos from You Tube
in class. Integrated technology in the classroom can involve small
changes in the way that a lesson is presented to the class. It can also
be how I allow the student to respond to what was learned, such as
using a mobile application such as Kahoot. Many of these technological
supports are also being used in the new standardized tests, like on
screen highlighting. I love how technology allow students who have
difficulty reading to highlight an area of text and have it read to them.
If that were available when I was young, I wouldnt have had such a
difficult time reading and comprehending materials. The use of
scaffolding graphic organizers and planners has helped many students
with and without disabilities. Asking students to type or verbally share
their response can be the difference between a student participating or
not participating at in an assignment. Until I gained my relative level of

confidence, I often chose to remain silent in school. This was due to my

difficulty with expressing my thoughts and the slow pace at which I
wrote my ideas done on paper. UDL lessons ensure that students of all
learning types have access to the material. It also allows students to
express what they have learned in different ways. Lastly, it stimulates
interest and motivation by providing multiple ways to engage learning.
This lesson has allowed me to become creative in the way I reach my
students, and for that Im thankful.