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THE HAUNTED CEMETERY by Stephanie Komanski One foggy night while I was going to pick up Charlie, (my dog), at the kennel, I past a cemetery. It was a creepy place for a person to be, especially at night. I saw @ tombstone for Slvis Presley. When we were at the kennel and got my dog, I saw 2 gloomy figure in the cemetery, My face filled with horror. I stared and stared at the figure. I said to my mom, "Do you see that figure?" My mom said yes, and her face filled with horror, Then my dad saw it and the same thing happened to him. It started to walk, I came nearer and nearer. Because he had stopped the truck, my dad started the truck. We got away just in time. That was the most terrifying night in my whole life. I told the police about it, but they didn't believe me. So I said, why don't you come to the place and see for yourself? Don't be @ chicken! dhile the police were at the cemetery, I was sleeping. The police sew the figure and it was heading towards my house. It went right through the door and came in my room. And then I knew he was after me! He seid, "I want your blood! I'm taking off the first cover, Misty." I said "What do you want witk me?" He said, "I want your bllod!" And my face filled with horror again! I also found out it was Dracula, but he wes killed again andit's a whole new life for him! He almost got to me and then my mom and dad page 2 heard me. They ran to my room but the ghost had disappezred So I started to sleep in my mom ana dad's room, but Dracule came back! This time I was prepared. I got out a knife, just in case he came back, and he did! I threw it at him and got him! He died. Then my dad found out we get another vacation. But ny Gad said no. They forced him to take it. So we took it, but we put Charlie in a different kennel, He liked it better Actually, it wasn't a kennel, It was a farm with a whole lot of other dogs, and besides, there isn't 2 cemetery. Anyway, Dracula came back to life, but he got someone else, It was my friend, Sandy. her last name was Cuppepper and she disappeared. She was captured by the ghost. She never came back, Nobody could find her, but I looked and looked and then found her tied up behind a tree. But Dracula caught me untying her and then he tied us both up! We never found us. Thenl got loose and untied Sandy and got away, Our mpthers hugged us until we turned red. THE END