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M: 469-364-4599


IT professional of 8 years of total experience in application development and IT Service Management (ITSM)

Over 4 years of experience as a ServiceNow suite developer and administrator.

About 4 years of experience as a web/integration developer using Java technologies.

Extensive knowledge and experience in Development, implementation and administration of ServiceNow, HP Service
Manager /Service Center, and Asset Manager.

Great Experience in Eureka, Fuji and Geneva.

Hands on experience in creating the custom Applications, Modules in ServiceNow.

Extensive experience in implementation of Business Rules, Data Dictionary, UI Actions, UI Policies, Client Scripts and
Validations Scripts in ServiceNow.

Configured Mid Servers on to the Instances.

Functional knowledge and implementation experience of ITSM frameworks and experience in Timecards.

Experience in working on the ITIL Process Configuration like Incident, Problem, Change Management, Knowledge
Management and Reporting in ServiceNow.

Good knowledge and experience on Initial Diagnosis of Incidents, Escalation of Incidents, Investigation, Diagnosis of
Incidents, Recovery and Resolution of Incidents.

Installed Incident Resolution Workflow plugins to bring Incident Management workflow into better alignment.

Experience on various ServiceNow customizations as per client's requirement.

Experience in configuring the SLAs for various ITIL processes as per the client requirements.

Strong experience in customizing the form design and form layout for various on the ITIL Process. Configuration like
Incident, Problem, Change Management in ServiceNow.

Experience in working with UI Actions, UI Policies in ServiceNow.

Change management experience using Update Sets, Import Sets in ServiceNow.

Experience in Email Integration, LDAP integration, External Web services Integration (both SOAP based and REST
based) in ServiceNow.

Experience in working with the workflows using ServiceNow workflow editor.

Excellent experience in ServiceNow Administration and Production support.

Good knowledge of CMDB and Asset Management Services: Business Services and Configuration item relationships

Experience on working with DISCOVERY tool.

Great Knowledge and experience with Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) like JDBC and ODBC.

Good experience with Angular JS, Compass CSS Framework, Bootstrap.

Defined and configured DISCOVERY schedules and set up mid servers and check for the connectivity.

Strong experience in working with Scripted Web services, Script Includes.

Hands on experience in web development using HTML, JavaScript, Jelly and CSS.

Well versed in Database Administration and Management.

Good experience in application development using Java/J2EE, Microsoft .NET

Experience in all phases of SDLC such as Requirement Analysis, Design, Code Construction and Testing.


ITSM Tools

Service-Now, ITSM Suite, HP Service Manager, HP Asset Manager

Programming Languages

Java, C, C#, HTML, XML, JavaScript, SQL


JSP, Servlets, Struts, Spring, Hibernate, JNDI, JMS

Scripting Libraries

JQuery, Java Script, Apache Jelly, Angular, Knockout


SQL Server 2012, Oracle 11g

Web Technologies

HTML 5, CSS, ASP.NET, Web Services, WCF, MVC, REST Web API

Application Servers

IIS 6, Apache Tomcat, Weblogic

Cigna Health Care
Servicenow Developer / Admin

Bloomfield, CT
June 15 Till date

Roles and Responsibilities:

Identified and Recommended the ITIL v3 methodologies to deliver technical methodologies around the
ServiceNow platform.

Great knowledge and experience on Eureka, Fuji, and Geneva.

Gathered requirement from users for attributes needed to develop Service Catalog items.

Great experience in Agile and Scrum Methodologies.

Manage data with tables, the configuration management database (CMDB), import sets and update sets.

Enhanced the existing LDAP integration and modified business rules.

Involved in Geneva upgradation and migrated data from Eureka to Geneva.

Created Data Sources for various external applications. Used Import sets and Transform maps to import data
into Service Now.

Good Experience in Angular JS, Bootstrap.

Coordinated with Offshore team and monitored the work on daily basis.

Experience in working on SQL queries, SQL Tuning, PL/SQL Tuning.

Experience in Application Development, Solution and Email Integrations

Developed Geneva Instance with Custom tables such as Demand, Analytics Project Requests and Business
Intake Requests.

Created Email Templates and Email Notifications.

Designed Workflows, along with standard Workflow templates which can be reused.

Supported the team responsible for the implementation and administration of the ServiceNow installation,
including managing system configurations, gathered and documented user and process requirements, developed
workflow customizations, and performed quality assurance testing and user acceptance testing.

Implement Service-Now customization including, but not limited to, Client Scripts, UI policies, UI Actions,
Script Includes, Business Rules, workflow administration, report setup, and data imports and exports.

Collaborated with application and infrastructure teams to provide architectural and technical guidance and
oversight for ServiceNow solution implementation and customization.

Configured Mid Servers on Dev, UAT and Production Instances and experience in ODBC and JDBC

Developed and oversaw testing strategies to ensure rigorous testing and validation of ServiceNow implementation
prior to production.

Great Experience in Microsoft SharePoint Powershell Scripting, Central Administration and SN Runbook

Involved in the ServiceNow Discovery and CMDB maintenance.

Users are populated into the system using LDAP integration and worked closely with Service-Now team and
Infrastructure team to facilitate this integration.

Generated and exported Custom reports on Servicenow and SSRS for the Business Users.

Integration experience with directories, such as Active Directory using methods such as LDAPs.

Involved in providing 24*7 production supports in five different versions of Remedy application from onsite
location and resolving issues within the Service Level Agreement.


Minneapolis, MN

ServiceNow Developer / Admin

July 14 May 15

Roles and Responsibilities:

Documented requirements and created use-cases based on the gathered requirements

Created functional and technical specifications documents for various ServiceNow modules

Created various ServiceNow applications, modules, and tables as per requirements

Developed Service catalog by creating new catalog items, designing workflows and execution plans.

Involved in Development and configuring the Business Rules, Client Scripts, UI Policies, Data Policies, UI
Actions, UI Policies in the ServiceNow.

Created server side scripts and client side scripts, script includes, scripted WebServices.

Involved in Implementation, Customization and Maintenance of ITIL modules such as Incident, Change,
Problem, Knowledge, Service Catalog, CMDB in ServiceNow.

Greatly involved in Incident Management Process like Identifying, logging, categorizing and prioritization
of Incidents.

Worked on Prioritizing of Incidents by Impact, Urgency and Priority.

Implemented Business Logics to disable the Priority is managed by Data Lookup set as read only UI

Involved in LDAP integration with ServiceNow for obtaining users and groups

Integrated with Remedy using Web Services and File Import Sets

Loaded Catalog Items into Service Now from Remedy

Created Record Producers, Order Guides and Catalog Client Scripts and Work flows

Worked on integrating ServiceNow with external SOAP and REST based web services

Involved in the ServiceNow instance upgrade activities and Servicewatch.

Involved in cloning activities like raising the request for cloning and excluding some tables to not come
under cloning.

Involved in redesigning the workflows using ServiceNow workflow editor

Extensively worked on CMDB, Configuration Items (Cis), CI relations and Mid Server

Worked on DISCOVERY and set up mid servers and check for the connectivity

Configured multiple Catalog Items Front-end web / GUI components using JavaScript, CSS, HTML5 .

Worked on UI Macros to create pages as templates on requirement from the stake holders.

Configured multiple forms for Asset module using Configuration Management Database .

Pulling reports and scheduling the reports as per the client requirement in ServiceNow.

Created database views to pull the reports on variables that are used by catalog items.

Created the UI pages to use them in catalog items implemented using UI scripts

Worked on order guides, to arrange them in sequential order to make the user comfortable while raising a

Worked on the Eureka version and in the process of migrating to Fuji.

Writing script includes invoking them in reference qualifiers or variable scripting.

Integrating Service catalog module with Net cool monitoring tool using Web Services and fixing the issues
that come up while the tolls are getting interacted.

Great experience in eDiscovery and SN Orchestration.

Involved in various upgrade and migration activities. Also, project planning meeting.


San Antonio, TX

ServiceNow Developer

Jun 12 Jun 14

Involved in gathering the requirements from the business team and writing the technical design documents

Maintained the versioning of the functional and technical specification documents in the SharePoint

Implementation of Custom Applications, Modules, Tables and Views as per client's requirement

Setup MID Server used by Discovery and troubleshooting problems with the tool configurations.

Customization of form design and layout for various ITIL process for Incident Management, Problem
Management, Knowledge Management, Change Management, Asset Management and Service

Involved in configuring the Business Rules, Client Scripts, UI Policies, Data Policies in the ServiceNow.

Created server side scripts and client side scripts, script includes, scripted Web Services.

Set up the SLA for the various ITIL processes as per the requirement

Involved in various ServiceNow customizations as per client's requirement.

Involved in migration between various ServiceNow instances using Update Sets

Worked on loading the data into ServiceNow using import sets

Imported Configuration Items(CI) from third party applications using import set tables

Experience in configuring email notifications in ServiceNow.

Involved in redesigning the workflows using ServiceNow workflow editor

Involved in reconciliation of complicated workflows to simpler form.

Worked on Configuring rules, monitors and management packs in SCOM.

Involved in generating the on-demand reports and scheduling report generation in ServiceNow.



Microsoft .Net Developer

July 10 May 12

Designed, coded and provided support to help fix various production issues that gets reported from time to
time for existing applications and legacy systems.

Wrote different classes, modules, web-forms in ASP.NET using VB.NET as a code behind language and then
included in one common namespace.

Used ODP.NET to communicate with Oracle9i.

Designed web user controls and custom user controls in order to provide the consistent user interface.

Used Cascading style sheets (CSS) to give HTML documents an attractive and consistent appearance,

Keep updating codes review and restore older versions of codes were done using Visual Source Safe.

Automated e-mail is sent to the e-mail id acquired from Active Directory to notify about the invoices, this is
done using SMTP.

Created the templates using XSL/XSLT to format and store the invoice data and used XPath Navigator to
retrieve the values for use in validation.

Used Datasets, for storing, removing and programming against flat data, XML data and relational data.

Assisted in deploying web pages on server.


Hyderabad, India

Java Developer
Jun 08 Jun 10
Involved in analysis and gathering of system requirements and in design phase of the project.
Developed UI, presentation layer using HTML, JavaScript, AJAX Tools and Java Server pages in
Struts Framework.
Developed Web Services using Apache AXIS tool.
Implemented Web Services using SOAPprotocol, UDDI, WSDL and Service oriented
Architecture (SOA) Concept.
Writing Stored procedures, Packages, Views, Cursors, Functions and triggers using SQL & PL/SQL.
Deployed applications using Web Logic 10 Application Server.
Used Web Services to communicate with other platform by using SOAP protocol.

Involved in writing the ANT build scripts to clean build and deploy the application.
Used ClearCase as version control and Apache Ant build tool for building and deploying the
application on Apache Tomcat 5.5.0 server.
Developed logging events by using Log4j logging frame work.
Implemented AOP and IOC concept using UI Spring Framework.
Involved in development of JSON database for dynamic menu management using DHTML,
JQUERY, and JavaScript.
Involved in development of front end development using JQuery and DOJO and other custom UI

Education: Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering from JNTU Hyderabad.