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Editorial Cartoons

An editorial cartoon is an illustration that contains commentary on some current

political or social event. Typically, the cartoonist is attempting to _________________
to some social issue, corruption or fallacy.
Editorial : an article that presents the opinion of the publisher, writer or editor.
Editorial cartoons use a series of strategies and techniques to portray their point.
Using the artists personal abilities, editorial cartoons usually portray that artists
personal opinion on a large and well-known issue.
Some of the most common techniques for editorial cartoons include:


Common Techniques
Artists often use hyperbole and caricatures to exaggerate certain characteristics
and ideas to emphasize their point on a certain issue.
Hyperbole : an _______________ used to make a point
Caricature : an exaggerated representation of a person or thing to make a point
Example of Hyperbole :

Satire is used in editorial cartoons to provoke the audience, in an entertaining way, to
view the need for change within a specific issue by emphasizing and ridiculing what
is missing.
Satire : the use of humour, wit or ridicule to ________ and _________________
Example :
The Simpsons is a satire of a typical American family

Editorial artists use stereotypes to make characters or situations easily recognizable
for their audience. Stereotypes are controversial because they oversimplify ideas,
people and classes in an often negative and unfair matter. However, stereotyping is a
common technique in editorial cartoons because it eliminates the need for descriptive
captions and allows the audience to quickly and effectively make connections
between the image and the meaning.
Stereotypes : fixed and simplified commonly held conception of an ______, nation,
_____________ or members of a particular group
Example :
Free Spirit - Tie-Dye shirts, flower headbands
Man from Paris - beret, mustache
Canada - igloos, Tim Hortons, sorry

Artists use symbols in their cartoons to represent larger ideas. Symbols are another
technique for artists to express their ideas in way that is easily recognizable for their
Symbol : an object, word or even colour that represents a different _________ or
Examples of symbols in cartoons :
Peace - dove, peace symbol
Death - skull and crossbones, tombstone
Weak - small, thin people
Slow - turtle, snail
Time - ___________________________
Love - ____________________________
Wealth - __________________________

When an artist wants to be absolutely certain that the items in their cartoon are
properly identified, or when they are using an uncommon symbol to represent
something, they will use labels. Using labels allows the artist to make it clear when
they attach a new meaning to an image.
Labeling : attaching a label to an object to _______________ what that object

Editorial Cartoon Analysis


1. What is happening in this cartoon?

2. What point is the artist trying to make?

3. What techniques are used?