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em |) |} fom-Tey.\ t) Black and White Magic Marie Laveau other books available from International Imports Prayer Book Powers of The Psalms Candle Burning Magic Devotions to The Saints Secrets of Magical Seals The Modern Herbal Spellbook Modern Witchcraft Spellbook Golden Secrets of Mystic Oils Magic With Incense and Powders Spellcraft, Hexcraft & Witchcraft Voodoo Handbook of Cult Secrets Your Lucky Number ... Forever How to Conduct a Seance INTERNATIONAL IMPORTS 236 W. MANCHESTER AVE, Copyright © 1991 Reprint 2007 (Occult Books - Curios - Supplies ISBN 0-943832-22-5 Poet [t Peni acy th ao pice pei SPIRITISM. of future evenis or the discovery of things is) yours—end wer of your mind, however my and firmly. without '® minute's delay’ The ‘of your for ‘you go thro Concentrate your Mind-power steadily and strongly upon your desice. Demand, and you will recci lance, has been proved heyond al lence of men of science whose names have a wé nge if departed spirits should deliberately elect to manifest them- strange that at the disposal of the vast and ev ger to study the science of Mi creasing Paychic forces and je the aim of the writer to bring together all y and et reau, who for a long number of known as the Hoo Doo Queen of New Orleans and whose fame he South and then penetrated the North of these United Many wt many scoffed and was a power ‘and ceremonies, wl benefit, brought to her for solution. Sorcerer thence ing ves, who practiced the rites in a more or less ‘sent surroundings. procedures but merely chro that have been done by this pecul have been done, giving no advice and im of h made 2 present of jarge sum of money. 1g the perusal will interest you and be of some benefit BIVINS, N. D. P. oc, and he also docs nol tetue eopons on the part of the reader. me HELPING HAND FOR PERSON WHO HAS NEVER HAD SPIRITUAL HELP you with tears in my eyea and a heart as heavy of regret for the many years dergone bec around me others have Thave 0 Ropeless sorrow, Humbly, ‘beg you Dear Mother, and lead me to the path of ial growth and ever me from my knees ting hope. come to my ears, you that a bleeding heart, yearni our grasp, We help ya build your mind body ned ‘ind when'we do these things; Tt us not pe around ws who sill need helping other person we advance on our own 1 Lode Stone, Black Cat you you wherever You will put 20 drops of the needed. your Oi 20, This th, close your eyes and say the Lord's prayer. the Uncrossing ep you have ever b ‘When you have di Powder. You In the morning use more Uncrossing Powder on your chest and your Master Oil asa perfume, saying Dear Lord, “Please Help Me.” This pute n good shape. Then to get your house ng the Van Van Foor Wash the Divine 5; ch cone of fore ot tr. Then whenever Blessings. these things you id not believe possible. At mn to work on any condition th ard to spiritual ies have bean done you are You desire. Cod bese you. heights you now in posi KINDS OF CANDLES \umber of sizes, shapes, and types of candles, There are. and unscented, household grade and fine quality ‘specific kind of candle, most spells can be done ner chooses as long as the color is compatible with the objective to be accomplished GOING TO TRIAL ASTRAL or PERSONAL ritual. Such imply candles of a The chart below will give you the sun signs, though the dates can vary slightly from year to year. And, if you were born on the cusp, either at the beginning or the end of the sun’s visitin your sign, you will be a mixture of your sign and the sign closest to it. January 20- February 18 Aquarius be judged and according to the wise Saas IScouseh eo Paces you be judged. March 21 - April 20 Aries April 21 - May 20 . Taurus the Cong May 21 - June 21 ‘ Gemini the emence of lend Over and you June 22. July 22 Cancer ‘July 23 - August 23, Leo August 24 - September 23. Virgo ine days. At the end of the nine days you September 24 - October 23 Libra the bed and place it in your pocket until the day that you go to October 24 November 22 Scorpio ne dayo belore November 23- December 21 Sagitarivs water each day, & December 22 January 19 Capricorn There is much * sui many, many mystical m 1ce among authorities as to the color which is most logical periods. This is understandable as there are. ces which affect color symbology and, as with many other choose the author or authority he trusts most and inely chewed root in ‘a0 one to see you do it. Ai tial, you shall obey them une individual judges sh ny of your Bear with you and believe you, and he shall deal with you mildly. te the wide disparity of colors suggested by various authors, the below gives the color recommended in just a few of the currently AQUARIUS Black Blue Gray Green Pink White Yellow ARIES Orange Pink Red White », CANCER Brown Green Orange Red Yellow (CAPRICORN Black Brown Gold Gray Green Red GEMINI Black Blue Gray Green Orange Red White LEO Green Orange Pink Red Yellow 6 7 uBRA Black Blue Gold Green Pink Red Yellow PIScES Blue Gray Green Pink Purple White SAGITTARIUS Blue Gold Green Red SCORPIO Black Blue Brown Red Yellow TAURUS Blue Gold Green Orange Red Yellow VIRGO Black Blue Gold Gray Pink From this list it becomes obvious that, when green is suggested for nine different signs, red and blue for eight signs, and black for six... while on the other hand, as many as seven different colors are recommended for three signs (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra), the entire idea of there being ONE astral color for any one sign is best discarded an« len unless one has already established by continued use the one particular color which works best for them. Further, some authors do not settle for one color for each astral sign, but fee! that an astral candle should be of two colors. For instance, Marie Laveau in Black and White Magic lists the astral colors as follows’ Aquarius Yellow and Blue Aries : Pink and Orange Cancer Red and Green Capricorn Red and Gold Gemini Red and Blue Leo ete ss+:Pink and Orange Ubra Pink and Gold Pisces. Blue and Green Sagittarius Red and Orange Scorpi Yellow and Blue Taurus Blue and Gold Virgo Pink and Gold k and Blue—versus Laveau's Pink and diffused it becomes. Hence, the most sensible and satisfactory sol empathy for that color. And how does one select something so impor easier than you would think. First, close your eyes for afew minutes and! Color do you fee!? Perhaps you know immediately ‘what your personai color should be! lta choice is not clear yet, glance around your fav is probably your favorite room because the cx ook in your closet, and you may discover 1 shades of blue ...or reds...or greens. Your personal cok becoming clearer, 7 THE LADY WHO LOST HER LOVER you come unto me and say, good mother, the man ze, doc no some ty owe and ell me af je pusses_me by without any smile on his face. His eyes no ih love when he speaks to me. Is heart is cold to all have no longer the ‘of my advances. power to hold his tender thoughts. He me. Oh’ good mother ‘beg for your he the you in deep may be comforted my loved one may re we has gone from my life. vd does not harken Toved just asin by my side, for My poor downeast daughter, 1 hear and ti ‘accomplish this great nd upon your clothes cen days and two dope ou shall put a few drops fe Powder and use it ind pure in purpose so your life shall be only beau | THE LADY WHOSE HUSBAND OR MAN FRIEND LEFT HOME l good mother I came unto you in deep distress and tears have sed my face in the dark hours ol ight, for he who was flesh of the blood of my heart THE LADY WHO HAS AN EMPTY HOUSE bon ‘how my love. He has ‘me desolate and where darkness closes in and about me and drags Oh good mother I come to you to ask your hel to the dpths, if) not for me. ‘The stranger passes my de they stop nor Took into my house. My him, am sorely prested and fy no Taughler nor is there any feast days, for they know me not, on the dark days nor on the feast days, neither do they remember me or know me, ‘The clink ‘of gold has not passed my elm for many. days, neither gilts, my purse hangs limp from for, prosperity and and sees me. nol, ice is empty, there | h good mother uly ask for death is yout Oh good mother T am full of lamentations and the evil spirits live and tn get theie Belp that in my house sol beg that you shall hear my prayer and in the fullneas omen against you, so that you of your wisdom give me he De ee eee ol Mp oes oo a eared eaters aa front of each root name ander each, on 0 Magnetic ‘Send and ‘you sm, one cach day, be mt dress up your house he Drawing Powder every Bay, ome Van Van Floor Wash and and closets of your house and you Conqueror Incense, the ashes of which you ‘after each burning. You will use on your hands and arms the Compelling Oil and on your neck the Easy Life And you con your clothes each day three drops of the Nine Lucky Mi may Keep your spirit gay and never to die. Best gf thse thing 10 thatthe sen fla sll nr and be enter Uained and that they shall remain pleased with you and shall shower you Wilh kindness and worldly goods ‘and. prosperity shall ener and dvive Bray cate and worry. 80 BE IT. ‘THE PERSON WHOSE BUSINESS IS IN BAD SHAPE A knees ok her ow. there veshold of my front (Oh good mother your daughler comes to you on be for a geeat favor. For where there was light only sence, Now scarcely is said that lo pass strangers and. come unto you and sa you and I will Let the music begin for { am satisfied in my business dealings with you, 2 To STOP GossiP Oh good mother 1 am now before you thet you may ji Wds-have spoken my narve from the house to they have allacked my cheracler and questioned my virtue. ings of me and caused my name to become Oh good mother I have to hang my head when I pass the friend or the stranger for 1 know not the viper tongue has reached them and that ind_untruths have been call jon, and. that they darle stories and are in my eyes in make the flush of pride ‘eyes where there is now only with your head unbowed, 10 ‘you, $0 1 a laughter come into yo my pily i ‘up your cheeks tears, and 1 Took’all in the face, and your words will sound sweet ids toward you. These chewed roots you will fe who speak meanly of you, turn their house burn the you stand ‘And in your home you Sandal Wood Incense and le the fumes are rising, from towards. the doo are slowly va you viper shall be everlasting! Gig and in ie place shall 3 HOW TO PROMOTE PEACE IN THE HOME My friend, you come to me with tears in your eyes and wor the condition of your home. "Where there should he harmony, love, un derstanding and peace, only sadness and disappo he atmosphere. rructions and round the outside of your house. Peace Powder" and anoint your head Peace Candle” until you and let no frown be reflected on your Pence be you SO BF. IT. THE LADY WHO CANNOT GET FRIENDS seems to completely envelop me, I have ce look’ on me dr sympaihy for ds Ia tem and thy promi, bt they dont does Cake te them and. they say yes Bul they donot come. They pass, me the market place and. bow bet more often they look ine ot the fae. They opto speak to ther, ut when T approach there is no. more to speak sboul and oP eem 2 have Tost the power to hold my and. your words to ou hve tot yar Walue your friends, © my daughter, you have ends Jo nat ng tre, 3 hey bal ‘magnetism, "30 your tctions do ve 7nd take’ heed Oh daughter do you always think faithfully and depart in peace. so It, 1s THE LADY WHO CANNOT KEEP MEN FRIENDS pest toe inthe ; ass, they donut even reme ren T goto the f the wall unadorned ad uncalled bs They have no ur my favor se wighter and good Whea I speak to them to come to r¥ house to yes, nor do they say no. If they come to make me carelree OF mirth burns, you shal ‘whom you love. 3 wait veach every ‘orne ation and. your friends with you as you wis cheerful faces. They will SO RE IT. 16 THE LADY OR MAN IN THE LAW SUIT led and persecuted by my enemies. They say unto the in has broker she has made war on a fone, says, ohm sn weapons of war and has attempted to io the High Sheriff, oh S taken my worldly goods and has entered my house when I was away doing my labor in the fields. Oh good Mother, now men of the law have th learned judge and the high sher ' ed to put me in the dungeon inno light andthe ve er you and eat out your Rea be my companion, where I will never set the face of the ‘im Oh good Mother help your downtrodden daughter. T hear your prayer and will hasten to your hel and tell you the secrets of the learned. judges and weap them up in veith pa the geranium in four parts ‘inger Grass and plac tooth the anger af the I ou shal come before. the judge, [restry eornar the wtter of pees in your purse the John Conqueror Root, and you Youch it until your troubles shall be over with. ight before you ace to appest hefore the judge you ee Peace Candlen, and the John the Conqueror Incense, mi haber and a0 tate ieved by the learned. judge become confused when he speaks to My child, do all of these things so that you can triumph over your ‘enemies and have power and happiness ” " yen SO BE IT. 7 THE GAMBLING HAND eces of gold and pices of silver Face course the horse: do not heed me'or make they may come 0 my gold and my So again when 1 them the game of II undo my opponc players the high cards which ean I do to appease your nd have Ba Pere ened nea ar ay et on re oe fering to mys fast wore day you care to bag three Cleo May and carry one touch ‘you e dice or the cards he Tioey Doe your house you will burn the Incense of John the Conqueror. Fi to do I enjoy good luck and aj you So BE IT, 8 ‘THE LUCKY HAND x [come to you to lay that gether pees of my bands. T ean it is but clay 1d men en ee_good {et and sell them "at much profit, lo when they com dross and have no value.” When I go to see the to them, indo very many things make them wax fat with riches, to they turn d is one failure after another, ‘am on my knees be 0 that my oh food Mother, also Dust and the 1 the Eye of the {You in a way that no-one wi the Essence of Hes No Hanna and you wil cach occasions Ob good Lord Oh good Lord ‘Ok good Lord give me power Io sped h good Lord fet my words be hackened to Oh good Lord Oh good Lord SO BE IT. 1» THE MAN WHOSE WIFE LEFT HIM Oh god Mother, look into your son's upturned face and bear hhe has told you of his trouble and sorrow and poured his your Feet. him of misery He comes to you for help and comfort knowing 3m he can count on happiness if you so wish it. Dear Mother, the woman of my heart has left my roof and I have no peace or rest She has th very few words and has left me broken-hearted for I have her always in my for her face is always before me and for the re when so many sweet words were spoken to each ot ‘moments was passed in each other's company. and so many tender Teles have come to my cars that she has left me for another man who she loves better than she does me. Other tales are that she left because she does not love me any more, as she used to do in the long L come to you that my mind and tmoke hee thnk of me often and ake her come back to me and love me in the same old way as she did before. My dear son, your heart-broken story has come to me and I re of your So in order il I do the following order that she you may win back th ‘come back to you, you In and woman you the same fosemary and mixture you sh und the house in which you dwel I sprinkle of the Gold Magnetic How you to your new home, then you ‘of Verbena and the Oil of Rosemary ixture you shall pour twenty drops in your moved and you want her to mixed together and. of scrubbing water every Seturd sprinkle And you to see her and upon your clothes you wi of the Estence of Has Na Hanne close to your body, and. 9 to her with sweet words. and many promises, that she will. bel and follow you. And if you cannot see her wherein she dwells now, then you write her a letter of love and forgiveness and in that ut two drops of the Extract of Bend! Over 40 that she they ba her one on pure: Parchment Paper, so" tht the: wes sel the candles Buta. pe lous of yoo, you wth the name. of the on iment paper, this. you z ‘whhout intermfaion You may Burn le at the same time if you choote, but nights the red candle and the green can in dit the will remain with you to her lst dey. SO BE IT. a ‘THE MAN WHO LOST HIS SWEETHEART fore you with tears in his eyes ave lost my beautiful sweetheart id whom {cannot forget. She is for the thoughts of her even. in heart at your do exact the "preceding come face to face he sprinkled around the you live, a ‘and Verbena for se pose should be used in your room, not where your sweel In your bath water you Id pour 10 drops of special oil No. 20. SO BE IT, 2 TO OBTAIN SUCCESS Ob dear Mothe My mind and my 9p Of thee, oh dear Mother, to turn no. deaf ears may be suc- couful in ‘order that you may’ accomp! you should start by burning for one hour fand one red, side by side. ‘and recite the 23rd Psa of the hour. the desires of your he ch day two candles, one you should Dust your body daily with “Algiers Powder” and anoi ‘Success Oil”. Pour one half teaspoonful (o your bath water, together with ten drops of “Spe th faith and constancy and the THE MAN WHO CANNOT GET A SWEETHEART ) dear Mother, 1 come unto lecome advice for 1 em joy aT speak of calling they turn a be welcome, but ‘excuses are many my good Mother would ‘be my com me and make them 1¢ this to me. When ids are successful Iam to he east off and can find no ie 10 give my caresses to and talk of love to me. lad you have come to me for adivee, for many more 10 are. beset My son T ood sons of And ‘THE MAN WHOSE BUSINESS IS POOR trom tnd silver ike in nd my id my pockets are no more heavy the olden da ie came to me and were pleased with now gone from me. They pass my door and do not even ho were glad to bid me the time and eagerly y were in need of my goods, now believe me stranger steps in my house of business it seems as if T my goods or with my aweet words, and lo they ‘out empty-handed. ‘Where hands, now we hear only, they are spoiled and I cannot even’ get w! asked me to pay for them. So good Mothe lo not soon get bring once more the rer to my purse I will be set upon by the money lenders and the sheriff and only woe will be my lot and gone be my house of business. Good Mother I can only go to you for pray hear my cries of distress. My good son I have heard your ples and I think that the God of Mamon will help you in your need and show you the way of good busi ness and much customers, and also make some of your old customers come back to you to do as in the old days, You will have to pacify the Gods of Mamon as follows: peo. ‘and when you have clored 1e Conqueror Incense, mixed queror end before opening the but thre, drape of the Lucky Lode Stone Pe ey and you buy your goods, but be sure that once you Root work ‘no other human hand you treat your customers with due con- lecation ‘and with honesty, and slways have the Kindness of your heart, showing on yout face so atthe" cinmer will come unto You end gre 7 Herein fai not a the God of Mamon will not continue to smile on you and ive you gold and silver i€ you do not deed their adv Gods of Mamon have two heads and can speak good and evil time. SO BE IT. TO CONTROL TROUBLESOME NEIGHBORS hen I pass nent gh 20 that ‘say to them mean "a it the men of the th’ me, also when any of my loved ones ptm the der "eeaches their cara no tat_ there rein they live. ‘be no peace in the ach their ears. Can é makes them successful urges your neighbor ‘and war among is necessary. thal nes and envy th hich may case your neighbors and if your with to placate thi You proceed avis cominanded you. t Foot Powder and sprinkle of this powder lace where your Ik *0 that the fever to move will id enter ‘and they will become dissatisfied ing and move away and not bother either you or You will take of the Je the Peace Powder in every cor. 80 that the powder of the spiri engin 9 work again you and that there shi And, in your gu ime ant the Master good forces may come fone hour each Be sure that you yourself hteousness. and that of every but sweet and pure Renerate SO BE IT, 26 HOW TO DEVELOP HAPPINESS ‘certain amount of in order to. attain ing and suffering of them, is. very important, ‘very impor t degree of and body, and to fost effective way to accomplish this purpose is by always remember- the darkest hour is before the down of day. thing, anoint ‘and on your Burn the “Ble and Orange you find time, not more Do these thi your life. , my child, and let the sunshine of happiness enter $0 BE IT. 2 TO GET RID OF EVIL SPIRITS ce thadows hang over me like « dak loud fom 1 come to you to help me to overcome the luence the 4 a spirits exercise over tne that T ma ce more be mine. J around the do. this. for to bum ty nights, In your pocket. or the bird of tp do the most damage during the you have bu death blow to the haunting sj i do, everythin tnd “happiness and” contentment shall be" yours “agen SO BE IT, TO CONQUER THOSE WHO HAVE MADE YOU SUFFER Oh dear mother I come to you with tears in my eyes and weak from the pains that I have suffered through the work of my enemi ave kept me awake nights when I should have been asleep. ‘They have tired me out when [ should have been resting. ‘They have made me worry when { shot hhave been enjoying pesce, they have made me ery when I should have ‘ay from me everything on which I have vietim of the evil spirits and make them suffer as they have made me euffer. you come to me to help yo ‘of revenge le ‘asa gesture of self-defence that may receive the may serve as a fame agony through which you have been and lesson to them. in the same town, you If your enemies are known to yo front of the house where fe the War Powder and sprinkl ive 20 that they may step over After three days you shall take the War Water and mah front of the house where your enemy lives and ingback. In front of your dee thai it may control the ‘of your home you she john the Conqueror xed ‘with Helping Ha Spiritual Good Luck Incense every day. ‘And you will serub your floor with water in which you have added ten drops of the Van Van Floor Wash. And you will burn one Black Wax Candle for one hour every night. and do these things according to instructions Now go forth my get your satistaction and you will be avenged. without fail and you wi 29 TO GAIN SPIRITUAL STRENGTH During your hours of meditation you shall have burning the Blessed Incense and Dragon Blood to inslall in your power to sce that which is about to happen. ment paper in your teaspoon Vesta Powder and y see the power expelled. When the flame 1B converts from ion those symbols lly. appropi ich were the shadow of things to come. candles have been used as a Candles are and have len for cent of every spiritual sacrament. Therefore spiritual service, spiritual -m nected should be conducted wi SO BE IT, THE MAN OR WOMAN IN BAD LUCK ith tears in the eyes that T possessed in ith no one to turn to but you, Oh my dear Mother your child comes to you a downcast look in the face for I have los world. My hopes are vanishing and therefore implore your help. Restore tome of my i heat sty prayer and help me? My poor child I listened ta your words of sotrow and gladly wi give my help that you may be lucky and happy again. bag of the skin of cham tone and a piece of the 1e Conqueror d Eve Root and & piece of the root It of these things in the chamois ‘may come out. This done, hold This bag should be anointed with the Power Oil every You will also use every day on your raiment and fume of Astrology, beiter known as the Lucky M your house you will burn every day the Lucky Joha the Conqueror In ense, Mixed with Good Luck Mystic Incense On the fifth day of every week, which is called Friday, recite the fol owing prayer: 0 Lard God Alm’ he Thou favorable eason of not the mn, bestow Thy grace on us! 0. La us inthis hour and grant us our d $0 BE IT. al THE MAN OR WOMAN WHO WISHES TO GET A JOB I come to you with « sup H grant me. I find myself at x loss and have no one to whom Ie Whenever I find myself where T think Tam doin surround me interfere with my progress and my good friends. At time my difficulties grow to the 1 wish tha no longer; therefore I beg of you dear mother to help me of need and I will be grateful to you all the days of my My good chi 1 hes with you in your dark hours, but do not there is always 2 Big Almighty who watches day and He not overburden you more than your frail body can_siand, he strong ins} Blessings of God. You si jour head every id you Incense of the Lucky John the Conqueror. lose to your skin in @ chamois bag you will carry be seen by anyone except your, in order to control ‘And in. you! the Lucky Hand. These This done, my dear go forth and make the necessary ap cation for your job, carry th you the good recommendation of you! former maser, Do not stop on your spt, but keep on, and the ood 9 help you most my your desires will come to pass. 18 © good smile onto your face and SO BE IT. 32 THE PERSON WHO WANTS TO HOLD HIS JOB consuming my. vitality, amy steps lead me forward. or backyard. At times. my master. looks up fon me with scorn and” disdain at other ‘times he showers me wi wd favors, which make me believe, and I feel that the Mepleted todo the the good 5 my command, Runtly how chamois ag you and every week you Drops and every day fi in your home faucet in the form of ‘leans: inappear, and nothing but never let frowns appear on of evil, making it more difficult of Rosemary for the purpose of ie obnoxious odor peat the following prayers: dy who hast created man to enjoy fe- ho: has ‘adopted ings for his neces and’ didst declare that everything. sh rede subject to Be favorable to this, my prayer, and per spirits to be in possesion’ of my body and” soul. Grant me O Great God, the power to dispose of them through your help and forever remain thy faithful and obedient servant ‘Amen. 80 BE IT. 33 HOW TO IMPROVE YOUR CONDITION getting ‘may suspect some one holding you back intentionally or you may suspect some other psychic phen At any vent, take care of yourself. Light « “Double Action Candh hour every day. Pour ten drops of ‘Atte the bath tnoini your garment and rowder your chest wit head with a few dr in your house once each day the “Sp Go your way with luck and peace. so Bi Ronen ADVICE TO SPIRITUALISTS AND MEDIUMS My Friends, 1 know most of you have the desires to help and to comfort those that come before you with supplications, tears in their eyes, painful heart, with trouble that mounts from day to day, with no one to turn to but "you, but sometimes. y burdened with your own troubles in ad lictions of others, It is not an easy path, of all yo is absolutely necessary that you be in com- 10 help, ateording tothe in order that you may in the process of ‘helping others, In order yourself, and acquire the power to help others, these instrue- mg the fink thing to doi tacit your @ blewed ‘candles, white in color, end Dress your home week and in your bath water pour inks Removing SO BE IT. PROSPERITY My child, the Law of the concrete. The Law of Mai is concreate, The Law of the Crestor ien questionable. approached the proper and eth play and. deceney. Cons goodness, benevolence and tbe bought with fortitude and the strenuous trek to. prosperity. Do the following things and help yourself on the way up. Stay out of too con a much debt. Do not be a slave. Protect your income. SO BE IT. HOW TO INFLUENCE PEOPLE My dear devoid of the po you come to me because you seek help. You have been to influence those you came in contact with. written, my child, that you shall follow these instructions to accomplish your desire, is very important that your body be clean 6 the “Bend Over Drops". Burn in, your ture of Joba the Conqueror Incense” “and * every day. 4 perfume every day. Do these things with faith and ask God to help you. SO BE IT. HOW, TO ATTRACT ATTENTION seems as though everything is a do the opposite direction. We things out. When we xys happens to upset ppear into nothing, progress and leaving us in a slate of want and despair. Here, my chi . ke it with more calm and faith and fill your heart with hope. Burn the “Triple Action Candle” every day anointed with “Altar Oit” for one hour. ‘Anoint your head with “High Conquering Oil", apply “Drawing pow: dec” to your body every day, and pour one half teaspoonful of the “Dragon Blood Bath” in your bath water. Use the "Nine Lucky Mixture” as regular perfume. God bless you. SO BE IT. THE BEST GAMBLING HAND 1) take the Natmeg, of tn | pour the Pure’ Mercury cat Bone ce font oa Se Jones the hear ofa Swallow, the Root, Devil Shoe Stri Sea articles ma three drops ume once every week, Keep your person ou yw no one to touch it. 38 INSTRUCTION FOR DRESSING HOMES, PLACES BUSINESS AND CHURCHES. Place on the floor of each room a saucer or smi and in each saucer pour ten drops Rosemary there until they are through with the Dressing. In one DEVOTIONAL CANDLE end let them ‘every comer in eve you will murmur in a low voice the following words: L, ISRAELIS, MAY THE BLESSINGS OF GOD EN. AMEN After every room in the house has been remaining water in the pail or basin and wi toons in the rea ough any rear windo some John the, Conqueror Tacente in the incene bu and carry it through every room to be dressed. Returning 10 rom which you slerted ax . ing devotional candles and repeat the fol jghty God, we beseech thee merciful ears to us who have now made our prayers and supy unto thee; and grant that those things which we have asked according to thy lly be obtained 10 relief of our necessity, and to the setting forth of thy glory. the NINE LUCKY MIXTURE and spin: yee drops in every corner of every room that luck m your fether all of the dishes that on and pour of your hovse fore the Tirst candle that Be very careful to let ing them away. When you have done my umn to sunshine, and sadness to I God be with you.—Amen. THE NOVENA you leave you were botn again, even his debis of honor over again, in fact make a new kes his lesson to heart, and that future. a boy can atk for become a si grand success in have been able to make a which you wish to forge, to for the things and which you ‘wish to forgive to others are wiped from. the ur_memory and are forgotien and left behind all for your benefit and peace of mind so that you can get a Beller chance to live by OUTSTANDING SIGNIFICANCE OF CANDLES Revenge. Prayer Meetings, Spectrum consi Purple. In sm peer Gee Happiness “CRlve and Orange Brown and Pink Red and Cold ‘and Orange Blue and Gold November “* December “Red ‘and Orange a DEVOTION Candles have been placed ji of showing their devotion in a tan world to provide the faithful means Xt is recommended to those lighting candles that while doing so the rske ute of the following prayer: 5% ey © Lord, both loose the bonds ‘of thy Blessed mercy ing, I pray Th win for the You have the power to create whatsoever you will pertaining to hu man life; you have the power to determine what you Shall create. and when and where you wish’ to ‘and it also means that you. have the power to ereate what you wi Never, a5 long a3 you live, cam you tid your life of disagreeable peo- ong a you hav of conselousnese ‘which rect them, So you can tee how word or deed, any of the destructive which express the emotions of ward every condition, every circum 1 is the common each enemy friends suse they not only make each day and putting forth s closer to you. However, you cannot iam, or passing derogatory remarks about Spades may concern love. aff ier through bad spect jus and successful in the higher walks Queen—A widow, of jous and unscrupulous nature, fond of scandal and open to bribes. Jack—A well-meaning, inert person, unready in action though kind- fsonment. Has power to detract 16 sickness, losses, troubles, and fam. ily distensions, Eight—A warning with regard to any enterprise in hand. This card i = vito opposition froat friends, Seven.—Sorrow caused by the loss of @ dear friend. Six,—Hard work brings wealth and rest after toi wve-—Bad temper and a tendency ferfere in the inquirer, but happiness to be found in the chosen wife or husband. lines and the need for great attention to business. be marred by the inconstancy of the in- ey. SIGNIFICANCE OF THE CARDS The fol ties dealing ions are based upon the oldest authori fied by some of the ig is affected by ite em ind affection, wi __ King—A good hearted man, with strong. aff given to rash judgments, possessing more zeal than also ir person's thoughts. ‘The ‘of the good of bad na- ies a, good. Kear, happiness, tends had “carda tnd con: the sign of riches, and of high social fluence and ‘esteem, It may be affected by the of the table, convivial society. Another mean: 3c. i friend who may prove an enemy. ewhanded, and an easy prey for be proponal, ae in a person of weak, unsettled character. Four—One who has remained single till middle life being Pgs 89 wed single till middle life being too Three—A warning card ax to the possible results of the ioquirers own want of prudence and tact. Levee oO Deuce.—Prosperity and success measure dependent on the sur- rounding cards; endearments and wedding bells, pendent on Diamonds ‘Ace—A ring or paper money. King—A fair man, with violent temper and vindictive, obstinate turn of mind. Queen.—A fair woman, given to flirtation, fond of society and ad miration. Jack—A near relative who puls his own interests firs is self: iy offended, and not always quite straight. It may mean thoughts. Ten— Plenty of money, a husband or* wife from the country, and several childeen. Nine.—This card. is, influenced by the one accompanying later be a court card, the person referred to will have his ca counted by a restless, wandering dis may ed with money, or if in conjunction jis crossed swords. he! eight of apaden it Eight—A. marrage Into in life, which will probably be somenbat checkered card has various meanings. It enjoins the need for it may imply a decrease of pros} ‘Another reading ith uncharitable tongues. Six—An_ early tnd speedy widowhood. A warning with regard to second marriage is also included. Five—To young married people this portends good children. In jeneral way it means unexpected news, or success in business enterprises. Four—Breach of confidence. Troubles caused by inconstent friends, vexatious and disagreeable. je quarrels, and probable unhappiness wusband’s temper. Deuce.—An unsatisfactory love affair, awakening opposition from ivea or friends, Clubs CAPRICORN (the G If you were bora between December 22 ond January 20 ‘Ace.—Wealth, a peaceful home, and genera pros King—A dark man of uj a wate ‘ded nature, cale ed to study and deep natural orators and teachers of enerous, trusty friend, who ay also mean a d Nine—Friction through opposition to the wishes of friends a Eight—Love of money, and « pasion Seven—Great happiness and. g will be caused by ont ofthe op ‘eat pleasure. for themselves, but they are miserable and restless when in the employ of Six.—Suecess in business, both for self and childcen. others Five—An adva Four—A warning against falsehood and double-dealing, Three.—Two or possibly three marriages wi _ Dewee—There is need to avert sition, to avoid. oppo- hharmony and be ie work! looks i id gloomy and seek jes they are them, and at other raw people to them with fe very magnetic and re very proud is due earth sings, wre not impulsive or demoi and are easily confused when working under people who have no 47 ick to know their fiends, and "can "dacriminate becneenflategy and” on =, and are amon fe very orderly ani i to be dignified and cold. Mut love, even to the extent of being jealous them ‘feet that the domestic world is too jose they love. Ma ‘and seek employment The ruling planet of this sign is Garnet'and Moniay is the Lucky day. Lucky Blessed Candles Red and Old Gold. (69.323-—-13-44.7 —132-417.576 mm. The Lucky gem is the AQUARIUS (The Water Bea id February 19 born between January 20 t. and. the weskeat_in ‘er be uler allure.» To imeltes for they can make themselves endowed with great possiblity and ceed. fe possess unusual powers, Dut often neglect hse! whe ‘have become awakened and ste us Aq peopl study. ‘They seem cvensions. The trol their ps is usvally the women of this sign who carry the news from one the gossip. As id upon noone but them: sk favors of no one, stand on ‘They should learn ist what you pay fo ‘The women sign have They are quite tongues, and always rem are Uranus, symbol of friendship, and ie Lucky gem ie the Amethyst and. Fri Lucky Blessed Condles Yellow and Ulue. 12.3714 —-59.28-12-918.429.962 PISCES (The Fishes) ieee rennet ora Morena generally high and xy are generally Pisces people are pure, and often goes oul honest, and seldom look ‘and wish to rota can seldom ‘co a flaw in them, and thick and thin. ‘Cultured and educated people of this si turesque in everything. Being a psychic si people to the not waste ind in this sign. They have tnd Jin many cat under teem they are often embarrassed the world i agalst them. Wik thee beaut jowers they possess they should set about at le oF nothing to ate themselves; Many Pisces people are inclined to be careless, and rmisplace articles. “The women are carelss houskeepers, ‘due to nervous fear. ‘They must learn the value of courage and con- ‘and perseverance before they can hope to rise to any great en they are living on the lower plane of i dvice to them is useless, and they. w ‘The more they are (0 the more obstinate they become. They talk too much and ask all kinds of unreasonable questions, and make them- aclves disagreeable Ibreak into. convers they were not The women have overcome They often become wor choly over wile ‘that never come to pas. ‘They should ‘overcome worry and am lanets of the Pisces sign are is the Bloodstone and Wednes- day is the Lucky Day. ‘Lucky Blessed Candles Blue and Green. 29-73-48 —63.15.26—167.368.218 st ARIES (The Ram) April 20 1» and swing through k commanded, and leaders and They love to entertain id music, always drewed well i and open their Brent peace, happiness and re ce tee trou, fond nee atch ea antwould Sel the mind tbe meaty mond Thue Ye Lucky Blessed Candles Pink and Orange. 8-41-62-—-26-71.38—183-274.385 52 ‘TAURUS (The Bull) W¥ you were bora between April 20 ney to them of na valve only Tor the good Ate geneous impulse hey are often impreed“upon by tale of woe: ‘and. people soon having an abu le are very much se a arguments” end persuasions ‘Out their ideas regardless of consequences. marked in Taurus people from joward’ debasing habits and ‘may of self-conteol. “Taurus people are the most unreasonable on € demand their own way in the pursuit of ensure, and opp es them 10 ‘an outburst of anger or violen ance causes them to fly ger oF ile i y thing to do is to jence has spent itself and reason has path. They are danger fet out of their way u returned. They are often money hun word forthemscven, Viney love their in “oe, "tuning othe GEMINI (The Twins) jorn between May 21 and June 22 sign have, rema ts, and are fora quick, recep They ae ee astray by” sympathy . ind) and ge- sions of oe many friends. d some of the the Taurus maiden the. world were bor is sign. Gemini jure, They are happy and vd they are not in love. home. When they are single they want to short, People must learn to bnhappy only. rai Until this les disposition and other. They often make a wey are fond of tracing back into L istory. They are proud of le selfishness or mean- ucky Blessed Candles Blue and Old Gold. ese Is found among thee people, 5 afte too enemy ‘own good. Gemini people juture, an ith extreme poverty. bef ide is great, and 26-34-47——39.56-78--917-826-735 generous they often help, to to be friends. They have a dea af any proportion, bat 33 7 in business ce on impulse, There passionate love that soon fades and di Lucky Blessed Candles Red and Blue. 38-56-23 9-14-48 187-476-359 1e 22 and July 23 of the Cancer sign, le nature. They are extremely sen ut being understood, and sometimes become very gloomy. n_not devel seldom keep \ ngs they have done. isease, an kes them considered by they have a hard time to get along in the world. During the day these i ecome blue. and deprese ime he world does not look very bright, and they are nervous and reales, Tt ia then that they, should: beck, sme "quiet spot and meditate on the higher things im Tring caln and repoe, and change the darkest and mics nights to brightnes of Cancer women are among, the most altractive, t# they have most charming person: Many beautiful women come out of this sign. ‘They are neat, and like to be looked up to, ‘as this sign rules over However, they shoul for any length of time, ‘eat reason. Cancer people are natural born mer ‘alien. very successful manufacturers, and are we Lucky Blessed Candles Red and Green. 14-43-62 27.39.58 —638.917-425 87 Lucky Blessed Candles Ping and Old Gold. 72.14.44 69.39.48 617--945 735, SUNDAY —_Blassed/s this day which has been given. Blessedis the earth, the heavens and the seas. Blessed are light and darkness, day and night, birds, beasts, and me. Let me use this day well. Let ‘me not wander from thy commandments. MONDAY Guide me mis ayo keep myhoatlen, myhands pre and ‘TUESDAY ‘mercy on my weaknesses, and grant that my strength will be increased sufficient to the demands made upon me this day. For | know my help is in Theo, who made heaven and earth. WEDNESDAY Restore fo me the joy of salvation. Strengthen me with @ ‘a clean heart for me. Renew in me a ‘me from my quilts, and cleanse me light shines forth forthe just, andjoy or THURSDAY —Hearmy prayer for my heart is faint. Restore me when my faith falters. My foolishness and my faults are known toyou. Rescue ‘me from those who hate me. With Thee is the fountain of life, and in Thy light we see light FRIDAY Help me this day to love those who care for me, be kind to those who wish me harm, and to keep my voice gentie, my ‘mind open, and my hear fled with the knowledge that there are many blessings for those who trust in God and keep his ‘commandments. SATURDAY Blessed be God who is my shield and my refuge, my fortress Lord's Prayer The morning and evening ritual is repeated each day for seven consecut ays, small candies are yed to burn out each day. i larger ones are used, and tl candle can be lighted from the giant seven-day candles are used, they will burn throughout the entire week. ‘TO ATTRACT FRIENDS AND LOVERS Help me to be kind and thoughtful in word and deed, Help me to forget ‘myself and draw love and affection from those around me. Increase my 19 to those | find appealing. | am the love of others which thou hast put into my own hear. TO BANISH FEAR AND FOR PROTECTION FROM EVIL ‘As surely as Itrust in God, !know Thy will protect me from all harm. With Thy presence as my shield, no one can injure me. Cause even the dark forces to fidently for Thy strength to fortty me. TO BRING GOOD FORTUNE AND BETTER FINANCIAL CONDITIONS beseech thee to protect and prosper Thy servant onmy dally journey. Bring his mine, and 1e conditions of my ‘nd, in the asking, pledge Thee with ‘TO CONTROL THOSE WHO HARASS US Teach me to be anxious for nothing, and to accept thy wisdom which is, greater than mine. Keep me si bbut help us to love one anot TO MAKE A SECRET WISH COME TRUI lask that my eyes be opened to tho: aware of what | need to know to accomplish my TO SETTLE A DISTURBED HOME Bless my home, and et it become a fortress manned by love. and kinds ion ‘live here. Take from me the manners th which aggravate, and the bitterness which may show in m family and household with your gentie presence so that we m: evermore be knit together in peace and with love. '$ and gain my needs, ay SAGITTARIUS (The Archer) yer 22 to December 22 November 22 and December 22 If you were bora betws most noted characteristics of those born under thi ae a opty and’ the intensity ot eeir "purpose. are courageous, fearless ‘and generally know how wey fei ho ane rely on their own judgment 7 act upon advice froth others they Sido found ia tin eign HIF td hnppioeas depend. open ple, when in the employ of others, need but one tell Te ad cave them alone, and they wil cary. out eat ‘end "ordecyy are very eels are saving, but not stingy. of penurious, an - ‘of money. uA waste neither not. propore ce.” Saving with ‘egree They ‘can tira thee im when others starve. they’ andere, and hs em once and leave ihatters pertaining 10. money, ‘etd. fount many ‘Sogittarius people are very pe ings them success. The enemies by being that they expect ing phenomenal workers make allowance for people enselves. This is wrong, = they shoul : ho are in themselves. at el eee elle enieel elena sins etm yes a od they often ba 1d to tt Thee bargain home they ate miserable, They” atend selly to be happy, while Ab the end of the Tenth Year., Twelfth Year. Fifteenth Year. WEDDING ANNIVERSARIES --eDiamond — ———— — ———— ———— — —— ——— ——— ee —— —— SS ——— oo, NOTES The Guiding Light to Power and Success A Study of the Use of Candles in the Search for the Truth By Mikhail Strabo The Guiding Light to Power and Success educates the reader on the use of candles. Mikhail Strabo covers a variety of lessons: Candle colors and what they represent, preparing an altar, lighting the candles, prayers, rituals, the use of seals and talismans with burning candles and much more. 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