How To Make Women Squirt

A Guide To Female Ejaculation

Introduction Every man dreams of being, and every woman aches to have that perfect lover who will truly enjoy her body as well as her spirit, taking her to amazing heights of ecstasy. Men and women both are fascinated with the idea of female ejaculation, but their thoughts on the topic can vary widely. For many men, it is a fantasy, the Holy Grail, but something they've primarily experienced in porn videos. Many women simply believe it is a myth, one of those weird things that men fantasize about, but not something that happens to real women. The truth is that it is very real, but also very intimate. Actually, it is just about the most intimate things a couple can share. Forget the hype, and ignore the advertisements promising 200 or more techniques to make a woman ejaculate. The reality is that yes, it is possible, but it takes time, patience, and a willingness to truly tune into your partner on a deep emotional and spiritual level. So if you are ready to open your love life up to a deeply incredible experience, these tips and instructions will aid you in sharing one of the most wonderful experiences you can share with your partner. With time and experience, she may even see you as a sexual god. For free videos describing and using the techniques in this guide go to

Some Handy Tips Before The Main Event Women are complicated creatures, especially sexually. The sad truth is that even in this day and age, many women have difficulty reaching orgasm or opening themselves up to deeper sexual experiences, feeling that there are just some things that “nice women” don't do. Some women have never given themselves pleasure for this very reason, and many have had a history of unsatisfactory sexual experience with men who have been more focused on their own pleasure than on hers. Of course, there are exceptions, those that need little more than a whisper to reach orgasmic heights, and those that already find it easy and natural to squirt their juices all over the bed, the floor, or even you. But if you are reading this, the chances are good that your partner is not one of these juicy goddesses, but rather, a woman who needs a man willing to spend his time and energy showing her what her beautiful body is capable of. So let's get started with some important information. A woman's ejaculate is expelled from the urethra, the same place where urine comes out from, and also sometimes from two small duct openings between the urethra

and the vagina, called the Skene’s ducts. Studies have found that the clear liquid is not urine at all , but rather fluid released by the Skene's or Paraurethral glands. Reaching the point of ejaculating is not a quick or simple matter. It takes time and skill, as well as a depth of intimacy between you to help your woman let herself go. Talk with her ahead of time. Hear her thoughts and feelings and share your own, increasing your connection toward a common goal. Listen to her concerns or fears and to reassure her of your caring and desire for her. Mental preparation is vastly important for you both. Above all, be patient. Reaching the point of ejaculation could take some time and practice for both of you and it may not happen the first time you try. But even the pursuit can be great fun, and each try will bring you closer to your goal as you learn together. Increase your chances of success by keeping the following tips in mind. Tip 1: Less is More – Avoid rushing her, or overstimulating any particular part of her body. Building up to the ultimate orgasm for a woman is a matter of steadily and slowly building her passion and desire in a deliberate but subtle way. Gentle touches, caresses and licks that build in pressure as she gets more turned on is the way to go. Overstimulating her can backfire, numbing her sensitive tissues and ultimately becoming an annoyance. So be gentle and let her lead you as her passion builds.

Tip 2: Be Surprising and Romantic – All couples fall into a routine after a while, taking the edge off the passion between them. This is the time to change all that. Think romantically. Bring her flowers, hold her hand, tell her what she means to you. Spend time on the couch necking like teenagers, stroking her back, neck, shoulders, arms. Forget the routines and habitual lovemaking patterns and rekindle the passion between you. Be confident and willing to try something new. Make her laugh. Laughter can be an amazing aphrodisiac. Tip 3: Pretend That Your Willie Doesn't Work – Yes, I know it's demanding. But if you want to truly please her and bring her this special kind of relief, you have to tell that fellow to chill out for a while. Pretend that the only ways you have to please her are your lips, fingers, tongue, hands, and the look in your eyes. If you focus on her pleasure first and foremost, in the end you will both win! Tip 4: Take Charge, But Let Her Lead The Way – Be commanding enough that she can relax into your gentle and loving hands, while paying close attention to her cues so that you only do what she is ready for you to do. Listen to the way she sighs, and moans. Notice if something you're doing is making her grow silent or express more pleasure. Pay attention to whether she is tensing up, or relaxing more into what you are doing. Be perceptive and it will pay off in amazing ways.

Tip 5: Keep Your Ego In Check – If something that you are doing is not pleasing her, try something different. Be daring while paying attention. Don't take it as a personal insult if she isn't responding positively to something, but rather, simply do something else, learning more about her and her pleasures with an open mind. If you honestly don't know what to try next, ask her what she's aching for in a deep seductive whisper in her ear before kissing and licking her neck gently and teasingly. Listen closely when she tells you. Tip 6: Don't Be Afraid of Her Taste and Smell – Okay, so vagina doesn't spell like roses or taste like chocolate, but then, neither does sperm. A clean and healthy vagina has a fresh tangy scent and taste that is quite pleasant in it's own way. If you have hangups about using your mouth and tongue on her most intimate place, you are beaten before you ever leave the starting gate. Most women are at least somewhat self conscious of their own bodies, and if you truly want her to relax into the pleasure you are giving her, she needs to know that you are truly enjoying what you are doing. Tell her she tastes so good, that nothing turns you on more, that the more you lick her, the hungrier you get for her. Let her know that her pleasure is your pleasure and she will be putty in your hands. Tip 7: Silence is Not Golden – When your lover is quiet, it

can be disconcerting. Is she enjoying herself? Or is she bored, or even worse, asleep? The same goes for you. This doesn't mean overdoing it so that your moans sound like you're pretending to be in a bad porn movie, but let her know of your pleasure by the way you gently moan and sigh and whisper sweet sentiments. Occasionally ask her if this feels good, or if she has any requests, but don't bombard her with questions. In lovemaking, the best conversation is spoken without words, by truly tuning into your partner and the responses of her body. Tip 8: Patience is a Virtue – Think about the most delicious dessert you can imagine. Would you devour it quickly in 5 gulps, or savor it slowly with pleasure? Savoring her, taking your time to enjoy every single moment of what you're doing will free her up to do the same. A very strong key component to female ejaculation is deep relaxation. Take your time and lead her gently into a state of deep and profound bliss. You'll be glad you did. Tip 9: Whisper Sweet Nothings – Every woman wants to know that they are special, loved, cherished and desired. Every woman has some insecurity with her body. Assure her by your words and your actions that you find her irresistible, beautiful, and desirable. Relish her. Compliment her sincerely. Look at her as if she is the greatest gift in your life, a treasure in your eyes. Make her melt by the way you gaze into her eyes. She's with you, opening herself to you, and she is worth it.

Tip 10: Finally – Remember the woman inside the body. Intimacy is not simply for the time of love making but for the afterglow as well. No matter what the outcome of your lovemaking, remember to hold her, touch her and spend time cuddling close. This will increase the intimacy and trust between you and lead to greater lovemaking success the next time around. Sex, especially after an intense climax, can leave a woman feeling very open and vulnerable. Reassuring her that you weren't just in it for the fun, but are in it for her – for the long haul, is vital. So don't just roll over and start snoring after the deed is done or you'll simply undo all the progress you made. Getting Down To Business Step1 Sex Her Up with Words – Have you ever noticed the difference between porn made for men and porn made for women? Men are visual creatures, primarily turned on by what they see. Women, on the other hand, are turned on by mental stimulation. This is what keeps the writers of lusty romance novels up to their armpits in mink. So, if you really want to get your woman going, you need to start with her mind. If you already know how to sex her up mentally, you're ahead of the game. Start by making her melt

emotionally. Gaze at her with desire. Feed her a delicious tidbit of food and follow it up with a gentle kiss. Put on some romantic music and slow dance with her, standing and holding her as you sway to the music. Run your fingertips gently up her back. Breathe against her neck, beneath her ear, before whispering how much you desire her. Follow that with a deep, sensuous kiss. As things heat up, tell her, “tonight is all about your pleasure. I want to spoil you and take you to places you've never been before.” Make her your partner in a mutual goal by telling her, “I really want to make you cum to the point that you can't help but squirt your pleasure all over me.” If she responds, listen to what she says. Is she into it or expressing doubt and concern? Listen and talk and make sure the goal is mutually pleasing. If she has reservations, treat them gently with respect. Female ejaculation requires deep trust and a willingness to let go. It is not something to be forced. Even if she gives in and goes along with it unwillingly, she will never relax enough to get there. So be persuasive without being pushy. Other important preparations: Make sure your fingernails are short and smooth so you don't painfully nick one of her tender parts at a crucial moment. Clipping them a couple of days in advance is a good idea as it gives them time to smooth out after clipping while still remaining short. Encourage her to urinate before the action really gets going.

Not only does this help to avoid interruptions (might not be a bad idea for you to “go” too) but the feeling of ejaculation is similar to, although also quite different from, the feeling of needing to pee. If her bladder is empty, she will be able to relax more fully into the sensations you are creating within her. Step2 Think of Foreplay as Part of the Main Event – Too often lovers think of foreplay as a means to an end. Particularly men, although women can do this too. Foreplay is vastly important to a satisfying sexual experience. Continue in the process that you started in step one, kissing her deeply, stroking her back, shoulders, cupping her neck in your hand as you pull her closer for those deep kisses. Touch the rest of her body before reaching for her breasts. She has many sensitive places. Make her ache with desire before satisfying her craving. Pay attention and let her responses lead you. As her excitement increases, undress her while you stroke and caress and kiss. Lay her down and kiss her more deeply before slowly licking and kissing your way down her body, neck, shoulders, arms, fingertips, breasts, belly. Then move to her legs and begin working your way up. Pay special attention to her inner thighs and the backs of her knees as these are particularly sensitive areas. If you feel tension in her body, trail gentle kisses and licks over her in that area. Occasionally reconnect with her

through deep, passionate kisses. If you notice her breathing is fast, lean close to her ear and while kissing her neck, breathe deeply in and out, which will encourage her to do the same. You can also try verbally encouraging her to relax in a soft, sexy whisper, but don't overdo it or it will have the opposite effect. The best communication in this regard is non-verbal. Take your time, letting the level of her desire be stronger than the level of her satisfaction. Keep her primed, ready, and aching for the next step. Step3 Making her Flower Bloom – Keep kissing and licking her inner thighs with your body between them, so that her legs relax in a naturally parted position. The line between thigh and pussy on either side is particularly sensitive so be sure to lick her there as a tease of what is coming next. However, before you go further, make sure that she is very relaxed, breathing deeply, and aching with desire before ever touching her pussy directly. Once you know she's ready for the next step, lick her with your tongue flat right up the center of her pussy on the outer tissues. You will probably be rewarded for this by a small gasp or moan because at this point, she's truly primed and aching for more. Lick her along the outer tissues a few more times, then with the tip of your pointed tongue near her vagina, gently part her lips with your tongue and lick upward in the direction of her

clitoris. Lick her up and down in this manner a few times, carrying some of her own juices to her clit with your tongue. Then focus attention to her clit, licking it in light circles and X-shaped motions. Keep it teasing, however, always backing off a little if she seems like she's getting ready to cum. Satisfaction is not the goal at this point, but rather, elevating her desire to the next level. Step4 Let Your Fingers Do The Walking – As you gently and teasingly lick her clitoris, slide your index finger of your dominant hand slowly into her wet vagina. Don't go in too far, just beyond the tip. With your finger, make circles around the inside of the entrance. The tissues here are quite sensitive and that, combined with your tender teasing of her clit, will arouse her even further. You may notice her moving her hips at this point in an attempt to get your finger deeper inside of her. However, tease her more until you feel her vaginal muscles relax, making sure that her breathing is deep and steady. Then it's time to go even deeper. It's a good idea to have a good lube handy. An oil or silicone based lube is recommended, but nothing too thick. Watery, but not water based is best. Aqua Lube and Swiss Navy are both excellent. Withdraw your finger and squeeze some lube on your index and middle fingers before inserting them into her relaxed

vagina. Keep the lube handy as it is possible you will want a more, but don't overdo applying it. Most lubes are flavored, and unless you love the taste, you are better off not getting it on the areas where you are using your tongue. Slide your fingers in until you find her cervix, which feels like a hard donut about the size of a walnut. Slide your fingers past it until you reach soft tissue on the other side and caress that spot with your fingertips as you continue to tease her clit softly with your tongue. This is the fornix of the vagina and like the tissues surrounding the opening, is highly responsive to stimulation. You should find your finger motions rewarded with more hip movement from your partner, and should also feel her vagina relax even more around your fingers. Step 5 Locate and Focus on the G-Spot – Move your fingers along the belly side wall of her vagina until you feel a hardened and slightly rougher spot. This is the G-Spot. It is slightly past the entrance of the vagina, about halfway up the front of the vaginal wall. At this point, it might be helpful for your own comfort to slide your ring finger inside of her as well. If you need more lube to do this comfortably, use it.

Sometimes it is a bit tricky to comfortably reach and maintain good pressure on the g-spot with the fingers. In this case, don't be afraid or personally insulted if you find that a g-spot oriented toy works better and more comfortably than your fingers. The goal is pleasing your woman and bringing her to desired heights of passion and pleasure. Once you find the g-spot, focus your attention on manipulating it in various ways. Tap it, run circles over it, flick it like a switch, and more. Tune in see what she seems to respond to best. Lightly tease her clitoris with your tongue, but keep the primary focus on her g-spot until she begins to climax. You will know this is happening when you feel her vaginal muscles move against your fingers. If using a toy, you can still feel the movements of the muscles on the outside of her pussy. As her climax begins, decrease your attention to her clit to the lightest and slowest of movements so that most of the stimulation is happening to her g-spot. Once her orgasm is under way, continue manipulating the gspot with more intensity. If you do this correctly, you will soon find her having another climax. Continue this action, at this point with very little direct stimulation to her clit. It will be profoundly sensitive at this point and the

least touch is plenty. It is very important to not overdo clitoral stimulation as the clit is very similar to the penis, in that if it is stimulating to the point of orgasm, that is generally the end of any chance for multiple orgasm. So don't overdo. Keep the focus on her gspot and this will encourage a wave of multiple orgasms. Once you get her to the state of multiples waves of orgasms, you can begin escalating pressure on her Skene’s glands by continuing with deep thrusting action against her gspot with your fingers or the toy, and laying the palm of your other hand against her mound, massaging with gentle pressure. You can try to stop clitoral stimulation with your tongue at this point, as the hand on her mons pubis should be sufficient clitoral stimulation as well, but if you find that this lessens the steady increase of orgasmic pleasure, return your tongue to lightly stimulating her clit. If you are able to subside with oral stimulation at this point, it will allow you to use the power of your arm to intensify the pressure against her g-spot. The combination of g-spot manipulation and the pressure of your other hand on her mound will intensify the feelings, the waves of orgasmic pleasure moving through her, and build the intensity toward a true release, which, of course, is your aim. The deeper her desire and the more she climaxes, the less you

need to worry about being gentle. Now is the time to really stimulate the g-spot with all your strength. Unless she tells you it's too much, it isn't. Don't worry. At some point she may comment that she feels a pressure building, or is beginning to feel like she needs to pee. Remind her that she went to the bathroom already and to relax and go with the feeling. Tell her how much you want to feel her gush all over you. With her desire this strong, encourage her with your words as you keep up a steady assault on her g-spot and mound. If she is able to relax enough to let herself go, at some point at the height of another climax, you will feel the gush as her Skene's glands release, drenching your hand in her juices. Keep up the pressure though, as usually one gush is followed by another, and another. She might get quite loud at this point, if she wasn't already, crying out the pleasure and the release. Her ejaculation may be a light amount of fluid or an actual gushing spray. Both are normal and the amount of fluid released could be anywhere from a teaspoon to a cup. Make sure to have some towels handy. Once she reaches the ultimate releasing orgasmic gush, her vagina will become extremely sensitive. But this doesn't mean it's time to quit. It's simply time to lighten up the pressure on her. At this point you should still be

able to offer her one more lovely surprise. Step6 The Icing on the Cake - Maintain light pressure on her g-spot and resume gentle oral pressure on her clit. This time the primary focus should be on her clit, but still light, as all of her tissues are quite sensitive now. As long as you don't overdo it on intensity, you should be able to get one last intense orgasm from her, leaving her completely drained and spent and supremely satisfied. Step7 The Afterglow – A climax of this intensity can leave a woman feeling very open and vulnerable. She may even be rather embarrassed about the “mess she made.” It is very important at this time that you hold her close as you lovingly wipe her dry with a towel, telling her how beautiful she was and how much pleasure it gave you to see her release in this way. If, on the other hand, she wasn't able to let herself go to that point, it is still important to hold her and reassure her after she climaxes and to teasingly tell her that you'll help her feel even better next time around. Either way, this is just about the most important step of all as it increases the intimacy and trust between you, making it that much more likely that you will have success with your next attempt. Don't even underestimate the power of tenderness to strengthen the bonds between you.

Again you can find free videos where these techniques are demonstrated on women at

Final Disclaimer and Word of Warning No, this is not a legal disclaimer, but something more important than that. Pleasuring a woman to this level is a profoundly intimate act and not something to be undertaken casually. Orgasm to this degree opens the heart and spirit much more than normal sexual activity and therefore, should be reserved for long-term relationships. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a very complicated situation. And for women interested in exploring this on their own, the main criteria is to get yourself a good toy made especially for stimulating the g-spot, and pleasuring yourself with your fingers in much the same way. The more in tune a woman is with her own body, the more she is able to help her partner give her pleasure. So enjoy yourself on your quest to learn a bit more about what your body can do. Above all, enjoy yourself!

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