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Freeport High School

Date: ______________
Department of Technology

Computer Graphic Course Syllabus

Course Description:
WELCOME TO COMPUTER GRAPHICS!!! The world of computer graphic is vast and can
be very overwhelming. Computer graphics are images, pictures and movies created
using computers with help from specialized graphical hardware and software like
photoshop, illustrator, publisher, word, powerpoint, and many more. This course is
designed to challenge you as a learner, but also provide a safe and enjoyable learning
environment. Learning will be obtained through lessons, classroom demonstration,
handouts, and projects.
Objectives Of The Course:
Students will begin to understand what visual communications are and how they have
developed over history. Students will learn how to use different equipment associated
with computer graphics through several software applications. They will experience
marketing by following different design processes. This course will allow student to
create a business from scratch.
Course Credit:
Computer Graphics is a twenty week, half year course that can be used to fulfill a
credit elective or as part of a sequence in Technology Education. Upon successful
completion of the course you will receive unit of credit to apply towards graduation.
Course Activities:
Activities emphasised in computer graphics are as followed: Designing and creating
computer generated products. Such products include but are not limited to flyers, signs,
greeting cards, labels, newsletters, bumper stickers, name badges, and business cards.

Evaluation Breakdown Information:

In each ten week marking period you will be graded on your performance in each of the
following areas according to the percentages indicated below:
40% = Projects / Activities
20% = Examine / Test
10% = Quizzes
20% = Homework
10% = Participation and Attendance

A = 100% - 90%
B = 89% - 80%
C = 79% - 70%
D = 69% - 60%

Course Policies:
- Examines / test will be announced at least one week in advance.
- Quizzes will be announced at least 3 days in advance.
- Projects are due on set dates. For every day past the due date, 5 points will
be deducted.
- Coats and Jackets must stay at your desk if you bring them to class.
- Hats or Baseball Caps are to be removed.
- No electronics in class, I REPEAT NOT ELECTRONICS IN CLASS. This
includes CD/MP3 player, Smart Phones (Should be turned off and put away) If you
cannot follow this simple request, these items can be confiscated.
- Spiral Notebook
- Folder
- Pens / Pencil
- USB Drive
Personal Requirements:
Students within this course must follow all rules and regulations set by Freeport High
School and Department of Technology Education.
Attendances and Latenesses policy will be enforced strictly.
Students will be assigned responsibilities for clean-up, maintenance and storage of
classroom materials.
Students must have their ID cards present in class everyday.