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1. What are you most proud of about this conference?

1.) During this project, I experienced many things that I found myself proud of. For the
conference specifically, I overcame many fears I had previously had and I learned to
adapt. For example, I have always had a hard time with speaking in front of large
groups of people. In this project, we were forced to give a speech, in our countrys
perspective, in front of many people. Since my time at animas, I have had to overcome
this fear of public speaking. In doing this, I have mostly overcame this fear and have
improved my speaking skills. This accomplishment made me very proud. Also, I was
given a country whose perspectives on the particular issues we studied were very
complex. Additionally, I missed 6 days of school and was unable to work on my project
while my class-mates were receiving 2 hours a day of project work. This forced me to
persevere and to research for many hours to finish this complex project in a very short
amount of time. Again, I was very proud of this. This project pushed my personal limits. I
really enjoyed the process of this project and the conference.
2.) What did you connect with most in this project, and how did that affect your
conference performance?
2.) In this project, I personally connected with my country the most. During our first
conference, I struggled with staying with my countrys opinion. After all the research I
did, I created a better understanding of my country and I learned to adapt to my
countrys perspective. I was given Egypt, which was a very hard country due to the
many problems Egypt is currently experiencing. This challenge pushed me to be very
passionate about my country and its perspective. This passion drove me to strive to
have an exceptional speech that demonstrated Egypt, Egypts perspective on this
pressing issue and a peaceful and realistic resolution. I enjoyed having the country I
was given and this helped me personally connect to the project.
1. What was the most important thing you learned in this project? Why?

3.) In this project, I feel that I learned two very important things that affected me as a
learner. Among these were, Global issues and how nations react to these and how to
persevere in challenging project. This project gave me insight on some of our current
day global issues and how the United Nations reacts to them. The information I learned
in this project will stay with me for many years to come and I feel that I have grown as a
learner because of this project. This project also taught me to persevere. For me, this

was a very challenging project. On top of this challenge, I missed many days of school
and project work time. This caused me to be very behind. I had to persevere and work
very hard to create beautiful work and a finished product by the due date. Doing this
project has taught me to be a hard worker and therefor I am very grateful for this