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General Assembly

France (Ashley Carpenter)

The Security Council and General Assembly,
Recognizing that in the past peace negotiations have been unsuccessful between Israel
and Palestine concerning the ownership of the land,
Emphasizing that currently there is violence between the two states and danger continues
to be present in the article Gaza crisis: Toll of operations in Gaza published by bbc the
author states Between 8 July and 27 August, more than 2,100 Palestinians were killed in
the Gaza Strip, along with 66 Israeli soldiers and seven civilians in Israel,
Recognizing that the Israelis were driven out of their homeland because of unsafe
conditions while World War II was happening,
Taking into consideration that Israel occupies holy land for both the Israelis and
Noting with deep concern the 5 million Palestinian refugees living in inhuman
conditions, in the article We have no rights and no future Samar, Palestinian refugee,
expresses his concern with the conditions they are living in We have no rights and no
future. We have a lot of problems; We can't work freely, we cannot own a house, we
cannot move around. We are treated as if we are not human,
Having considered that Palestine was never a legal state but was considered occupied
Fully aware that both Israel and Palestine have rejected peace negotiations that have been
Bearing in mind that the Israel Palestine issue has become an immense concern that has
called upon the international community for support,
Seeking a new resolution towards the Israel Palestine issue where the final goal is to
achieve a two state solution where both the Israelis and Palestinians can live together in
peace and security,

1. Supports a two state solution where both Israelis and Palestinians are living
together in peace and security;
a. With the land being separated referring to the 1947 partition plan:
b. With all holy land will be accessible to both the Israelis and
Palestinians including the city of Jerusalem:
c. With all human rights are insured for both Israelis and Palestinians:
2. Calls upon Saudi Arabia, Norway, China, Ireland, and the Arab League to be
added to the peace efforts along with any other country who requests to be added;
a. With all countries that are added offering their support to peace
negotiations and offer their help while new boarders are being established:
3. Considers while borders are being enforced for the first 4 months all immigration
to the newly established Israel and Palestine will be consistent and slow;
4. Strongly supports the elimination of all refugee camps considering the conditions
Palestinian refugees are living in;
a. With the two state solution ensuring aid and a safe environment for
both the Palestinians and Israelis:
5. Further requests both parties stop violence immediately and continue to live in
peace with the two state solution;
6. Calls upon the United States to provide military enforcements on the borders to
ensure safety for the first 12 months of the resolution being passed;
7. Further reminds all settlements are considered illegal;
8. Emphasizes that the resolution is put in motion immediately after being passed
offering complete support to the Palestinians as they establish a Palestinian state;

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