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‘Atlan Dix, MLA Room 201-Parliement Buldings Victoria, BC VEV 1X4 Phone: 250-387-3655 Fax: 250-287-4680 \Vancouver-Kingsway Community Office 5022 Joyce Sieet Vancauver, BC. VER 468 Phone: 604.660.0314 Fax: 604-660-1191 Mr. Peter Kiss President Morgan Construction and Environment Ltd 17303-102 Ave Edmonton, AB TSS 118, January 26, 2016 Dear Mr. Kiss, | am writing about your recent comments saying your company will not hire students or graduates from the University of British Columbia, Morgan Construction has received an enormous Site C contract with BC Hydro for North Bank preparations, access road construction, excavation work and the clearing of 55 hectares of land. | am therefore copying this letter to Energy Minister Bill Bennett and BC Hydro President Jessica McDonald, There are no local-hire provisions in these BC Hydro contracts and, as you are aware, there Is considerable local concern about the failure to provide adequate work to British Columbians on the project. In the past, you have stated that you are making a “good faith” effort to hire British Columbians. While accepting massive public sector BC work, you are now saying that Morgan Construction will not hire UBC students or graduates. You have stated plainly, “Morgan won't be hiring students from UBC” and “Morgan NOT hiring from Queens or UBC." You are also calling on other Alberta companies to not hire UBC students. The hypocritical and shameful aspects of these staternents are obvious. You and Morgan Construction do not like the free speech expressed by UBC students and faculty with respect to the oll and gas Industry or UBC’s “divestment policy”, You have every right to disagree with their positions. But to actively discriminate against all UBC students and graduates is contrary to good sense and the law. And all the while, you are getting BC public sector contracts and taking ratepayers’ and taxpayers’ money from UBC students, UBC graduates, and all ratepayers in British Colurnbia, Your new slogan appears to be “Get BC Taxpayer Contracts, Trash BC, Cash Cheques” — this is not "being Albertan’ or Canadian. Considering your new policy, is Morgan Construction considering giving up its lucrative BC contracts? | am asking that you renounce thisil-considered, discriminatory and hypocritical attack on 8G, its largest university, the BC student body and common sense. Y Ce: Bill Bennett and Jessica McDonald