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Artifact Reflection

Title of Artifact: Lesson Plan for Special Education

Date Completed: September 2014 May 2015
Artifact Description:
The artifact is a lesson plans for my special education classroom.
Wisconsin Teacher Standard Alignment
The artifact best aligns with standards 7, Instructional Planning: Teachers are able to plan different kinds of
lessons that states, The teacher organizes and plans systematic instruction based upon knowledge of subject
matter, pupils, the community, and curriculum goals.
The artifact best aligns with the stated standard because I plan different lessons in my classroom. In order to
plan these lessons, I need to understand the subject matter I am teaching and plan lessons according to the
subject material. While teaching this subject material, understanding the curriculum goals becomes very
important. When writing lesson plans, we must align our lessons to state standards. The standards express the
material that the state believes is most important for our students to know and learn. While planning lessons, it
is also important to allow your students to make connections to the material. Incorporating items that students
can relate to personally, or through the community makes learning more memorable and long term.
UWP Knowledge, Skill, Disposition Statement Alignment
The artifact best aligns with KSD1.e, Designs coherent instruction that states, The candidate, with appropriate
student input, has the ability to develop relevant, goal-directed, engaging, clear, and varied learning activities
that progress coherently and produce a unified instructional setting that reflects recent professional research.
The artifact best aligns with the standard because lesson planning is done in a coherent and connecting manner.
When creating lessons, I make sure each day connects with previous days lessons. Materials and activities
must be unique as to keep students interested and engaged. Understanding current and effective methods of
instruction is very important and critical to the implementation of lessons. If a method of instruction I use is not
effective, it is a setback for the students and it should not be used.
Secondary Alignment:
1. KSD1.a. Demonstrates knowledge of content and pedagogy.
2. KSD1.c. Selects instructional goals.
3. KSD3.c. Engages students in learning.
What I learned about teaching/learning from this experience:
From this experience, I learned that teaching is more than just standing up in front of a class and relaying
information. It also involves planning and preparing to instruct. Understanding instructional methods that will
work best for your students is important. Students learn more when they can connect to the information in some
way. Also, students are more interested when they can be actively engaged in a lesson.
What I learned about myself as a prospective educator as a result of this experience/artifact:
I learned that lesson planning is a tedious process but it is very important, especially in our current state of
education and the use of tests for teacher/school report cards.