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Atoms and Elements Study Guide

Volume- the amount of space an item takes up
Mass- how much an item weighs
Physical Change- is a change in matter in which new forms of
matter are formed
Chemical Change- is a change that forms new kinds of matter.
This cannot be undone
Physical Property- anything you can observe about an object
using your 5 senses
Atoms- the basic building blocks of matter
Matter- is anything that takes up space
Condensation- when gas loses enough energy to become liquid
Evaporation- molecules at the surface of a liquid absorb energy
and change to a gas
Freezing- the change of state from a liquid to a solid
Fluid- any substance that can flow
Sublimation- when a solid directly becomes a gas
Boiling Point- vaporization that takes place inside a liquid as well
as at the surface

States of Matter
Solid- has a definite volume and shape
Liquid- has a definite volume, but takes the shape of its container
Gas- has no definite shape or volume
You need to be able to draw what the atoms look like in the 3
states(refer to your notes)
And give an example of each state ( hint: what is the one matter
that can be all 3)
Protons are found in the nucleus and have a 1+ positive charge
Electrons- have a 1- charge
Neutrons- are found in the nucleus and have a 0 charge. They
have the least mass and move very fast making them hard to