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Constitution of Dance in a Suitcase

November 6, 2008
Revised October 2015



The name of this organization is Dance in a Suitcase and will utilize the acronym DIAS.


The primary purpose of this organization is to expose its members, namely Dance Majors, to a wide range
of learning environments and professional experiences. This organization will strive to expose enrolled
University of Florida School of Theater and Dance students to other schools, prospective students, and
educational opportunities outside the city of Gainesville. These goals shall be achieved through needbased funding and fundraising for students wishing to travel to approved events. This organization shall
be not-for-profit and non-commercial in nature. Meetings shall be held twice a month with additional
meetings scheduled as necessary.
Upon approval by the Department of Student Activities and Involvement, Dance in a Suitcase shall be a
registered student organization at the University of Florida. Dance in a Suitcase shall comply with all
local, state and federal laws, as well as all University of Florida regulations, policies, and procedures.
Such compliance includes but is not limited to the Universitys regulations related to Non-Discrimination,
Sexual Harassment (including sexual misconduct, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking),
Hazing, Commercial Activity, and Student Leader Eligibility.
Section A. Non-Discrimination
Dance in a Suitcase agrees that it will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, color, religion,
age, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, marital status, national
origin, political opinions or affiliations, genetic information and veteran status as protected un the
Vietnam Era Veterans Readjustment Assistance Act.
Section B. Sexual Harassment

Dance in a Suitcase agrees that it will not engage in any activity that is unwelcome conduct of
sexual nature that creates a hostile environment.
Section C. Hazing
Dance in a Suitcase agrees that it will not initiate, support, or encourage any events or situations
that recklessly, by design, or intentionally endanger the mental or physical health or safety of a
student for any purpose including but not limited to initiation or admission into or affiliation with
any student group or organization.
Section D. Responsibility to Report
If this organization becomes aware of any such conduct described in this article, Dance in a
Suitcase will report it immediately to Student Activities and Involvement, the Director of Student
Conduct and Conflict Resolution, or the Universitys Title IX Coordinator.


Membership in this organization is open to all enrolled students at the University of Florida. Non-enrolled
students, spouses, faculty, and staff may be associate members; however, they may not vote or hold
office. All members and associate members are free to leave and disassociate without fear of retribution,
retaliation, or harassment.
Section A: The elected officers of Dance in a Suitcase shall be President, Vice-President,
Treasurer, Secretary, Webmaster, Publicity Coordinator(s), Fundraising Chair(s), and Historian(s).
Part 1: The President shall preside at all meetings of the organization and shall coordinate
the work of the officers and committees. He/She shall make presentations on behalf of
Dance in a Suitcase at such events as the School of Theatre and Dance convocation, BFA
Dance auditions, fundraising events, etc. He/She shall serve as the main channel of
communication with the student organization advisor. He/She shall be the officer
primarily responsible for registering DIAS for the American College Dance Association
conference. He/She shall help to outline and work towards specified goals for the
executive board and greater organization throughout his/her term.
Part 2: The Vice-President shall serve as an aide to the President and shall perform the
duties of the President in her/his absence or inability to serve. He/She shall be the officer
primarily responsible for communicating with potential guest artists on behalf of DIAS.
Part 3: The Treasurer shall receive all monies of Dance in a Suitcase; shall keep an

accurate record of receipts and expenditures; shall pay out local funds in accordance with
the approved budget as authorized by the organization. The Treasurer shall present
financial statements to the exec board and general body as necessary and perform other
duties as delegated.
Part 4: The Webmaster shall keep and update the website of
with current events, contacts, executive board bios, pictures, and videos. He/She will also
keep and update all social media, including but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and
Snapchat. He/She shall perform other duties as delegated.
Part 5: The Secretary shall record the minutes of all meetings of Dance in a Suitcase and
distribute those minutes to members as necessary. He/She shall help in keeping form etc
on the bulletin board up to date and shall perform other duties as delegated.
Part 6: The Publicity Coordinator(s) shall handle all campus and community-wide
communication about events and fundraising activities and perform other duties as
Part 7: The Fundraising Chair(s) shall formulate ideas about new ways to raise funds as
well as coordinate existing fundraisers to be as efficient as possible and to perform other
duties as delegated.
Part 8: The Historian(s) shall record and document all events and performances in order
to maintain an archive for Dance in a Suitcase and the School of Theatre and Dance.
He/She will coordinate with the Webmaster to update the website
and social media. He/She will coordinate with the Publicity Coordinator(s) in utilizing
archival materials in advertisements. As appropriate, he/she will coordinate distributing
archival materials among the organizations members.
Section B: Officers shall assume their official duties at the close of the last general meeting of the
academic year and shall serve for a term of one academic year and/or until their successors are
Section C: Any officer of Dance in a Suitcase may be removed from office through the following
Part 1: A written request by at least three voting members of the organization shall be
submitted to the President, Vice President, or Treasurer. Written notification shall be sent
to the officer in question asking that officer to be present at the next meeting and
prepared to respond to the removal request.
Part 2: A two-thirds majority vote of members present is necessary to remove the officer.

Part 3: In the event of the removal of an officer, a special provision may be granted to the
remaining officers to appoint an interim replacement until an election may be held.
Section D: Any officer or student leader shall meet the requirements/eligibility to hold a position
set by the Center for Student Activities and Involvement:
Part 1: Each officer shall be a UF student.
Part 2: Each officer shall maintain a 2.5 cumulative GPA as confirmed by the University

full time

Part 3: Each officer shall be enrolled as a full time student with 12 credit hours each
semester, in the event of a course withdrawal that results in less than 12 credit
for that semester, the officer shall lose their position and may re-apply the next
enrollment semester.


Elections will take place annually, during April of each year. Nominations will occur at the last
general body meeting in March. Any full member may be nominated for office. Any member may
nominate any other member, including himself or herself. All nominations must be seconded by
another member of the organization, not including the nominee. Members who are running for
office must accept nomination and give a short speech detailing their intentions if elected to
Voting should take place in early April to allow turnover between the old and new board.
Elections will be held through Gator Connect. All members of the club should be registered in
Gator Connect to allow this. Time may be taken during in a meeting in early April to remind
members to cast their vote and give them time to do so. Voting will be open for at least two days.
There shall not be a limit to the number of terms for which any single person may be re-elected.
If an officer decides to step down from office, another member will fill the position. Nominations
will be made and the election shall be held during the following meeting.
The Student Organization Advisor is to be decided upon by the newly elected executive board. The
general members will have no influence in the selection in any way. The Faculty Advisor shall remain in
office until April of the following year when the new executive board has the option of considering a new
Faculty Advisor or extending the office of the most recent Advisor. At the afore-mention meeting, the

executive board will put forward nominations for the Faculty Advisor position and will then vote for the
next years Faculty Advisor. The person with the majority will then serve as the new Faculty Advisor.
The Faculty Advisor shall serve as a resource person and provide advisory support for the officers and
members of the organization. The Advisor will support the club members in fulfilling the purpose of the
club and will represent the club to the community and the University of Florida. Specifically, the Faculty
Advisor shall advise as to which events should or should not be approved for funding. The Faculty
Advisor may not vote in any Dance in a Suitcase matters.
Dance in a Suitcase will not require membership dues. The organization will organize and execute
fundraisers in order to travel to various Dance in a Suitcase approved events, bring guest artists to the
School of Theatre and Dance, and cover other operational expenses. Members are expected to participate
in these fundraisers. Dance in a Suitcase will also apply for funding through the Fine Arts College
Council, Board of College Councils, and Student Government.


In the event this organization dissolves, all monies left in the treasury, after outstanding debts and claims
have been paid, shall be donated to the Florida Dance Association.
Membership in this organization is open to enrolled students at the University of Florida. Non-students,
spouses, faculty, and staff may be associate members; however, they may not vote or hold office. All
members and associate members are free to leave and disassociate without fear of retribution, retaliation,
or harassment. Full membership shall be limited to registered students of the University of Florida who
are enrolled in the BFA or BA Dance Performance Major. Full membership will also be available to
Dance Minors and Theatre Majors, and will be ultimately decided by a majority vote from the executive
board. There will be two membership optionsone for students who are hoping to receive financial
reimbursement for attending the American College Dance Association conference and another for those
who are not able to attend the conference but would still like to participate as an active member in the
To be an active member and to be eligible for any fundraising benefits, a member must comply with the
attendance policy. The attendance policy is to be present for all meetings. Each member is allowed 1
absence a semester. Upon further absences, members who are hoping to receive financial reimbursement
for attendance at ACDA will lose the opportunity to receive this money and will be changed to a general
member status. In the case of absences due to conflicting class schedules or other extenuating
circumstances, members in real need of ACDA reimbursement may apply for it by filling out a General
Member Reimbursement Request Form. If approved, they must to commit to completing a minimum of

five hours volunteer work on behalf of DIAS within the semester.

Committees may be formed at any time according to the needs of the organization. The purpose of
committees is to create an inclusive environment for all of the members of Dance in a Suitcase. Each
committee will consist of volunteers. The role of a committee member shall be to help their respective
chairperson with each fundraising event and/or project as well as learn the role of their chairperson in the
event of leaving a legacy. Each executive board member will hold the position of the chairperson for the
respective committees. The chairperson holds the right to elect and delegate tasks among the committee
members as deemed necessary. It is the responsibility of the chairperson to report to the rest of the
organization the progress of the committee.
The executive board possesses the right to create and vote on any by-laws from the constitution
throughout the year as deemed necessary.
This constitution may be amended at any regular meeting of Dance in a Suitcase by a two-thirds majority
vote of the members present and voting. Notice of the proposed amendment(s) must be given to the
executive board and the faculty advisor one meeting previous to the meeting in which the members will
vote on the amendment. The proposed amendment(s) shall be subject to approval of the Department for
Student Activities and Involvement.