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1. Id new and underserved pop?

Lake City School District main population is located in two counties in Minnesota;
Wabasha and Goodhue.
Summary of data sources used to identify new and underserved populations in
Wabasha and Goodhue Counties:
2014-15 Three Rivers Community Needs Assessment
Minnesota Report Card
Key Findings?
Both Wabasha and Goodhue Counties service area is primarily white at a higher
average rate than the state of Minnesota. English is the primary language of the
community. Lake City Public School District enrolls 92.1% white, not of Hispanic
origin, students. The Hispanic/Latino population has increased in both counties.
The Lake City Public School District enrolls 5.4% Hispanic students.
Lake City Public School District enrollment by special population includes 29.3%
students who receive free/reduced price lunch, 12.1% students who receive special
education and 1.6% students who are English Language Learners.

2. Id child and family risk factors?

Summary of data used to identify child and family risk factor:
2014-15 Three Rivers Community Needs Assessment
2014 Wabasha County Community Health Improvement Plan
St. Elizabeths Medical Center Ministry Health Care Community Health Needs
Assessment Fiscal Year 2013
Mayo Clinic Community Health Needs Assessment September 30, 2013
Key Findings?
Of family households in both Wabasha and Goodhue Counties, about half are
married couples. Mother only households are 8% in Wabasha County and 8.7% in
Goodhue County. Father only household are 3.9% in Wabasha County and 4% in
Goodhue County.
A high percentage of births to unmarried mothers is reported in Wabasha County.
30.2% of births are to unmarried mothers. 17.1% of children are born with no father
listed on the birth certificate.

Wabasha County also reports a high number of grandparents, 199, living with and
responsible for grandchildren.
There is also a prevalence of overweight and obesity in all populations in the Lake
City community. 20.2% of WIC children are overweight and 14% obese.
Wabasha County also reports limited transit services in Wabasha County and a
growing need for transportation to medical appointments, services and job-seeking

3. How assess family and parenting education needs?

Collected input from parents:
Parent Education Topic Finders
Early Childhood Family Education Parent Evaluations
Early Childhood Screening Exit Interviews
Key Findings?
Parents continue to want information regarding general parenting topics such as;
separation anxiety, nutrition, sleep and toilet learning. However, there is greater
interest in areas such as; self-regulation skills and difficult behaviors, special needs
and family resources/money management.
Parents are interested in additional class time being given to parent discussion and
more classes being included in sessions.

4. How will your programming/services be tailored to the needs of families and

parents prioritized in the CNA?
Provide outreach and education to Wabasha and Goodhue County Public Health
Services (Maternal & Child Health, Follow-Along Program and WIC), Mayo Medical
Center and Lake City Family Physicians to promote ECFE with all families of children
birth to five years old, but specifically single women who are pregnant.
Collaborate with Three Rivers Head Start Program to reach Hispanic population.
Reach out to Hearth & Home Technologies, a large employer of the communitys
Hispanic population, to provide information regarding the ECFE program.
Collaborate with Early Childhood Special Education and Early Intervention Services
to provide parenting support to families.