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Characteristics of Living Things Directions: Fill out the chart below using items from the list of living things we created. If each characteristic does not apply, the item is not living (and alive), so you must decide wheter it is then either dead or nonliving. Cellular | Chemicals | Energy | Response to | Growth and |Reproduction| Living, Item | Organization| of Life Use | Surroundings | Development Dead, or Nonliving? Dog a: Y J ZS. Vv Vf: Living v Viv iv v | ing | SV eV eee eA VY living vf v Vv Vv vo Living V v Vv Vv v v Livin Jv Jf Vv Vv v V Livia m WK K NK ___|Non=livin MA A A ~*~ INon- livia yy A Non-ilve : K K INon=hivi KA A ~K A oA A Ivan —tvid v J x % Read