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Instructions to the role player

You are the mother of a 6 year old girl Saveeta with small pinhead size reddish
patches over the skin and few larger bluish red patches over the forearm and shin .
Saveeta had been apparently well until yesterday when she was noted to have few
red colour spots in her forearm. Mother thought that they may have been mosquito
bites but since they were increasing in number and also there were few larger bluish
red patches over the shin and forearm she was bought to the paediatric clinic .
Apparently well other than H/O URTI one week ago
No other mucosal bleeding such as

No epistaxis
No bleeding from gums
No haematuria
No Malena
No H/O blleding to joints or excessive bleeding from cut injury /dental
No joint pains

Direct questioning revealed

No recurrent febrile illnesses /sore thorat /lethargy/loss of weight
PMH- No H/O similar episodes /No other significant illnesses in the past
Past surgical History- No surgery performed
Family History- No F/H bleeding disorders
Birth- Product of a Non consanguineous marriage NVD , BW 3 Kg .Perinatal period
Development : Early milestones all have been normal such as walking at 1 year
making sentences at 18 months . Now Saveeta is in Grade 1 in normal stream
education with good performance at school
Immunization- upto-date Most recent vaccine was DT and OPV at 5 years
Social History
Saveeta is the elder of two children .Mother is a house wife and the father is a
mechanic . Monthly income is approximately 25000/ per month. They live in a
rented house in Kaduwela .Younger brother 3 years old and in good health.