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Joseph Montemurro

Mr. Phillips
English 3
7 December 2015
An Unfortunate Event
In Afghanistan, believed ISIS Talibans
beheaded civilians and caused a national outcry for
justice, causing many to wonder how the
government will respond. A Taliban group pledging
loyalty to ISIS, took the lives of innocent civilians by
beheading them and starting a country wide protest
calling for action against ISIS. What will be done to
bring justice to the ones killed is the biggest question
to everyone of Afghanistan.
A Taliban group that is believed to be sided to
ISIS, abducted 7 Hazara civilians in south Zubul in
Afghanistan and beheaded them. Only to leave the
bodies of the victims for the people of Kabul to see.
Two New York time writers, (Mashal Mujib and
Taimoor Shah) wrote about an ISIS loyal Taliban group
beheading 7 innocent civilians. They called this event
a heartless killing of innocent individuals and called
the Taliban group, the local cell of the Islamic state,
also known as ISIS. Mashal and Shah explain the
details behind the beheadings. They tell that the new
Taliban splinter group is working for a new leader
named, Mullah Akhtar Muhammed Mansour who
could be tied to ISIS.
The people of Afghanistan are responding to
this incident in aggressive ways as they demand
justice for the ones killed from the government.
Thousands of protestors from Afghanistan gathered
outside the presidential palace with the seven bodies
of the beheaded Afghans, demanding actions

towards the ISIS influenced Taliban group. The

protestors soon stormed the presidential palace as
screamed for justice and called for action from the
Afghan president Ashraf Ghani. (Greg Botelho) from
CNN, tells how upset the protestors were with the
government and how they responded to the
beheadings. In an event like this where citizens are
calling for justice and demand action from the
government, how long will it take for the government
actually step up and do something about this
terrorizing event?
The event even sparked more rage when it was
revealed that two women and a child were among
some of the seven victims beheaded by the
suspected ISIS Taliban group. Afghan president
Ashraf Ghani gave his remarks on the suspected ISIS
militants that murdered 7 of his civilians and brutally
killed a child and 2 women. This caused even more
rage causing the people of Kubal to storm the
presidential palace demanding justice for the victims
and child and women murdered. They screamed
things like, Death to the Taliban and the Afghan
President remarked saying it was an Unprecedented
event (Edwin). In an Article on Daily
(Tomlinson) tells how suspected ISIS members,
beheaded these women and this one child and how
the government must take action before things get
even worse. How much more must these people of
Afghanistan suffer before the government decides to
take action?
People of Afghanistan cannot wait any longer
for action to be taken, these incidents have led them
to become angry with the government and begin
protesting the presidential palace. In an article by

(Mora), she tells how outraged the civilians of

Afghanistan were after seven local Afghanistan,
innocent people were beheaded. The Protestors have
claimed the government is not doing enough to
protect the civilians of Afghanistan. After protesting
with the bodies of the murdered individuals, the
leader of the protests claims that the 7 killed will be
taken home and buried in Zabul. But the outrage still
continues, The Afghanistan government is having
trouble containing the outraged civilians of Kubal.
The protestors carried banners saying Murders
should be brought to justice (Yan). As the
government looks to control the protestors, peace is
being brought to the ones killed, but who knows what
will happen next before the government takes action
against ISIS.
ISIS continues to be an International threat to
countries all over the world. What actions will
Afghanistan take against them before it is too late?
This unfortunate event has caused much uproar on
the fight against ISIS, but many people of
Afghanistan blame the government for not stopping
ISIS when they first started committing these
murders. As the group continues to grow, these
gruesome beheadings of innocent individuals will
continue until the government decides to take action.
Among the 7 beheaded in Kubal, a child was one, this
has to be the spark to cause the people to rebel and
defeat ISIS without the governments help, seeing
that they have not taken any action to this Taliban
group. How much longer must this continue until
something is done? What will ISIS do next? What is
their next motive against Afghanistan?
Other countries like France and Iran have taken

action against this group and are working closely to

defeat them, but Afghanistan must work with them.
What must be done to stop these terrorists from
murdering innocent individuals in Afghanistan? ISIS
has been killing innocents for too long now and
civilians are becoming frustrated with their
government because they arent taking action to
fight these terrorists. As said earlier, one of the
beheaded was a child, that is very disturbing and
upsetting to hear, and even after that it is still taking
the government too long to take action. How many
more children must me killed before ISIS is stopped?
This group has been proven to be one of the
most dangerous terrorist groups in the world. With
recent attacks even in the US, mostly the Middle
Eastern area including Afghanistan has been
affected. ISIS has become known for beheading their
victims, which is very gruesome and brutal and is
very disturbing to see. One other major beheading
that relates to ISIS beheading these 7 civilians was
when ISIS beheaded an innocent American in the
Middle East years ago. Afghanistan must work closely
with other countries to stop this Taliban group from
terrorizing more countries and theirs, before these
beheadings occur once more.
These beheadings of 7 innocent induvial
including one child and a woman in Afghanistan, has
effected many and outraged civilians. Which caused
locals to storm the presidential palace and demand
justice for the ones killed by this suspected ISIS
Taliban group. Sparked protests country wide will
hopefully cause the government to take action
against ISIS before an event like this occurs again. As
the people demand justice and the government stays

quiet, how much longer will ISIS continue these

beheadings before something is done?
I chose this topic because the topic interested
me in many ways. With the recent events involving
ISIS terrorism worldwide, this specific topic stood out
to me because I felt that it was important to a
country like Afghanistan and the things that ISIS did
surprised me. How the people protested the
government made me want to learn more about how
the government would respond to the actions of ISIS.
Some difficulties I came across while I was
researching was finding more information other than
the protests and beheadings. I could not find out if
justice was brought to the ones killed or even if the
government took action yet. Some successes I had
while I was in the research process were that I found
it easy to find a lot of information relating to the
protests at the presidential palace and how angry
citizens were over the government not taking action.
I felt like I wrote this paper pretty good, but I did
have a few struggles along the way.

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