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Raj Thackeray Chief of Maharashtra Navnirman Sena

What it foretells
As per the data available with me is June 14, 1968, time 17.45 and place is
Mumbai. The data may be questionable, but the horoscope tells his nature and
the recent debacle in the lok sabha as well.
The lagna rising is Scorpio. Scorpio men are secretive in nature and very
aggressive. The lagna lord, Mars is in the 8 th house and combust being very close
to the Sun the lord of 10 th house. Here again 8h house is shows aggressiveness
and secretive nature. The 10th lord being in 8th is showing surprises in profession.
The rashi is Capricorn who lord Saturn is in the 5 th house along the Rahu/Ketu
axis, though Saturn is vargotama, but Saturn is combust and in gandanta. Moon
is also aspected by Mars and Ketu shows his aggressive attitude.
Vimshotari dasa
The dasa is of Saturn/Saturn/Jupiter which was from March 2014 to August, 2014.
Saturn is in the 5th house along with Rahu and in vargotama. Saturn is in
gandanta and this is between a watery and fiery sign. This gandanta is very bad.
The prati antar dasa Jupiter here is lord of 2 & 5 and in 10 th house. However, in
the Navamsha is heavily afflicted by the aspect of Saturn, Rahu and Mars. No
wonder the results he faced in Lok Sabha was negative.
From August 2014 the dasa will be of Saturn/Mercury which will run upto May
2017. The antar dasa Mercury is retrograde and combust being very close to sun.
Mercury is conjunct Sun lord of 10 th, profession. This period is also going to be
Kalachakra dasa (as per Diwanchand Kapoor)
The dasa is of Cancer/Scorpio. This period began from March 2014 and will be till
August 2015. The dasa lord Moon is in the 3 rd house aspected by Mars and Ketu.
The Antara Scorpio is the Deha rashi. The lord Mars is in the 8 th house of
obstacles and surprises with the lord of 10 th house Sun and Mercury. Mars is close
to Sun is combust. Mars is with Gulika. Cancer is in re-orientation mode which
will give surprises and setbacks.
From the above it is clear that his party will face a huge defeat during the coming
assembly elections in Maharashtra to be held on October 15, 2014.

Sundar Balakrishnan
Date : 13th September, 2014