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Proceeding the recent war that had been brought to an end four years ago through the
occupation of Berlin, the German territory had been partitioned among the allies atthePotsdam
Conference in 1945. The Western portion ofthecountryhadbeenallottedtothewesternnations
of France, United States of America, and United Kingdom, while the Eastern section of the
country was designated to the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The principal city of Berlin
was alsodividedamongthesamenations,havingdivisional patternsreplicatedatasmallerscale.
With the visible destruction of Germany, the United States, with the Marshall Plan, has latterly
tried to supplyaidtotheGerman peoplewithinthecityofBerlinnonetheless,theUSSR,keenly
observing American action as an attempt to leadGermanyintotheirhegemony,decidedtobuild
a ground barrier surrounding Berlin,alsoknownastheBerlinBlockade,prohibitingtheentrance
Western nations have argued that the creation of such astounding barrier was a manner
USSR recognizes such structure as a method of preventing that western nations exert influence
or cease control over the region, additional ensuring that they are incapable of practicing
espionage over Soviet territory. Moreover, American state desired to have full and total control
over funds going totherehabilitationoftheirportionoftheGermancapital,clearlyprovingtheir
industrial developments that would provide vast and exclusive benefits to America, ultimately
going against and making efforts of the USSR, represented here by this delegation, to strip
It is for such reasons that theUnionofSovietSocialistRepublicsdecidestomaintainthe
present blockade and has determined to preserve existing regulations, ensuring that western