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Conference: So Paulo Model United Nations 2014

Committee: Security Council

Topic A: Safeguarding the Integrity of the Ukrainian Territory
Country: Peoples Republic of China
School: Escola Americana de Campinas
Names: Matheus Bevilacqua and Helena Iserhard
The situation in Ukraine is of grave concern. The Ukrainian conflict, more precisely, is of
great intensity, involving high controversy, and of an exceptional complexity. For several
years now, events have been stirring in the region, yet have only now, in the past year, come
to a glaring fore. Tensions between Ukraine and Russia have been mounting for decades.
After its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991, Ukraine struggled to cut all ties with
the newly formed Russian Federation. As a result, Russian influence continued to affect
Ukraine socially, economically, and politically, ultimately leading to the conflict in 2004
followed by the one in 2014.
The Peoples Republic of China is deeply concerned with the current situation in Ukraine. As
put by President Xi Jinping, the situation in Ukraine is "highly complicated and sensitive."
Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokesman Qin Gang issued a special statement on the situation
calling on the relevant parties in Ukraine to resolve their internal disputes peacefully within
the legal framework. As for external interference in the Ukraine, Qin emphasized that China
respects the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine and said that a
solution should be found based on respect for international law and norms. According to
Liu Jieyi, China's permanent representative to the United Nations, China will continue to
mediate and promote dialogue so as to play a constructive role in bringing about a political
solution to the crisis in Ukraine, for, as expressed by Chinas first ambassador to Ukraine
Zhang Zhen, China knows that mediation is the best job China can do to make sure the
situation won't escalate to something uncontrollable. Finally, as asserted by Qin, China
disapproves of confrontation.... Under the current circumstances, China calls on all parties to
keep calm, exercise restraint and refrain from raising the tension.
The Peoples Republic of China urges all sides involved in the Ukrainian Crisis to comply
with international law and pursue a political solution to their disputes through dialogue and
negotiations in order to safeguard peace and stability in the region. Taking into account
Chinas mediating role between the West and Russia where it must help find opportunities to
ease tensions, it would like to proposes three recommendations, as previously expressed by
Liu Jieyi, establishing an international coordinating mechanism to explore means to a
political settlement, having all parties refrain from taking escalatory actions, and asking
international financial institutions to explore how to help maintain economic and financial
stability in Ukraine. Lastly, China hopes that all parties can increase communication and
make joint efforts for the political settlement of the Ukrainian issue.