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Serving the Congregation of St. Lukes Anglican Church Lyndhurst

Volume 29 Number 1
Advent 2015

As I hear of world events, I have been thinking

of a work by theologian Howard Thurman that
begins: Where refugees seek deliverance that
never comes and concludes with the words
you, in me, in all mankind.
While there are far too many refugees around
the world who may never see deliverance, it is
wonderful to watch so many people in Canada
coming together to offer deliverance to Syrian
refugees. I believe this sort of response is
evidence of a deep desire to continue to bring
to birth the good news of God made flesh that
we celebrate in Christmas.
In this Holy Season, may you rejoice in all the
ways that our Lords birth has brought hope,
peace, joy and love to the world; and may you
also be mindful that there is much still to be
done in bringing life to the promise of Christmas,
as Thurman goes on to say in another work
entitled The Work of Christmas:
When the star in the sky is gone,
When the Kings and Princes are home,
When the shepherds are back with their flocks,
The work of Christmas begins.
To find the lost,
To heal the broken,
To feed the hungry
To release the prisoner,
To teach the nations,
To bring Christ to all,
To make music in the heart.
Praying that your hearts may be filled with

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Stewardship Team
The Stewardship Team has enjoyed making
use of The S Word, a resource by The Most
Reverend Douglas Hambidge, as the guide for
our 2015 annual approach. Thanks to his

guidance we had a great format for consulting

with the congregation, reflecting on that
input in light of Gospel stories of the feeding
of the multitudes, and of course been fed
ourselves - whether at one of the fall suppers
(special thanks to our gracious and talented
chefs, Judy Horton and Sharon Werner), or
with a batch of S Word soup.
In an article entitled A Theology of
Abundance, Archbishop Hambidge says that
we need to unlearn so much that has led us
to focus on scarcity rather than Gods
abundance and says:
Where shall we begin?
1. I believe the foundation for stewardship is
not what the church needs me to give, but
rather on my need to give.
2. I am not called to run stewardship
programmes; I am called to be a steward, and
a steward is one who has been entrusted with
what belongs to someone else, for the benefit
of that someone.
3. If I take the scriptures seriously, I realize
that everything I have even life itself has
been entrusted to me by a loving, caring God.
Apparently God trusts me to use what has
been put into my hands, to further Gods
agenda or to use the biblical term, to build
the kingdom. It has all been entrusted for
Gods purposes and benefit.
4. Abundance is celebrated in the incredible
fact that so much has been put into our
hands, both as individuals and as faith
5. To think of scarcity is to judge that God
has not entrusted enough.

I will encourage people to discover a theology

of abundance, by helping them:
- name what has been entrusted;
- be specific about what is being done with
what has been entrusted;
- and by identifying in what way God benefits
from what has been entrusted.
Here is a foundation for stewardship as a
faith response to God, and not a knee-jerk
response to what the churchs needs might
+Douglas Hambidge June 2010
May our loving and generous God, who
entrusts us with so much, bless you
abundantly in the New Year!
Would you like to make or package
and share S Word soup? Heres
the recipe:
1/3 cup mixed vegetable flakes (#418)
1/2 cup soup mix (#450)
1/4 cup wild rice (#1611)
1/3 cup pearl barley (#401C)
2 vegetable bouillon cubes (#455)
1 tsp herbs de Provence (#803)
1 Tbsp onion flakes (#915)
1/2 tsp parsley (#885)
1/2 tsp celery salt (#911)
1 tsp kosher salt substitute (#944)
1 tsp lemon pepper (#917)
- Add soup mix ingredients to 8 cups water
- Simmer approximately 3 + hours and enjoy!
(# = Bulk Barn code)

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2016 Ministry Plan

Trying to be faithful to the conversations begun
on Palm Sunday, continued through the year and
culminating at our fall suppers, and in keeping
with our Diocesan Ministry Covenant, a draft
Ministry Plan has been prepared. Please study
the enclosed draft and be sure to bring any
questions, comments or concerns you may have
to Parish Council prior to our Annual Vestry
Meeting in February, at which time we hope to
approve the final version of this plan.

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Some things weve been up to:
Celebrating St. Francis as we
asked God to bless Candy
and other furry friends . . . .
and celebrating St. Nicholas
with a Jolly visitor!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
A Christmas Offering envelope is enclosed for
those who wish to make an offering - please
note that donations for 2015 must be received
by December 31st
Thrift Store Winter Hours
Wednesday: 9AM to noon;
Saturday: 9AM to 2PM.

Regular Weekly Worship Schedule:

Please note the changes below!!!
Sundays at 11 AM at Lyndhurst Legion
beginning December 27 th &
continuing to March 13 th
(see Monthy Events Bulletins for special service
times / changes);
3 Wednesdays at 9:30 AM in the Chapel
Keeping in touch and keeping informed:
Our January monthly events bulletin is is attached please check our web page , Ministry Centre or
worship site each month for updates
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