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Maria Cevasco
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Mr. Burchett
October 23, 2015
Research Paper #1
Abortion" the sound of one of words that lead to those horrifying images that can
traumatize a person. Abortion has been going all around centuries as one of the most
controversial topics. Until this point abortion still has two different points of view between
people; it has always been between Pro-Life or Pro-Choice decisions. Pro-Life's point of view is
that an abortion is taking away the life of an innocent human being. In the other hand, ProChoice's point of view is that the carrier of that life, the mother, is the one that gets to choose
either she keeps the baby or she does not. Abortion should be illegal because not only the baby
suffers but so does the mother as well. Abortion does not provide any health benefits for women
because the many different complications that the procedures cause, the overrate discrimination
towards the baby, and the psychological /emotional effect of women.
Many women suffer different complications after realizing an abortions. The statistic
show that "Approximately 10% of women undergoing induced abortion suffer from immediate
complications, of which one-fifth (2%) were considered major" (Barrett, et al., Induced
Abortion: A Risk Factor for Placenta Previa, American Journal of Ob&Gyn). Since abortion is
not a natural thing for the body of women to do, the reproductive system of women get damage
to a point that cannot be reverse. Women do not understand the risk they are summiting their
bodies when they go throw an abortion; specially they do not think about all the consequences
that an abortion can cause on their bodies after having one. "About 10% of women who have a
first-time abortion face immediate physical complications" ( Belsey, et al., "Predictive Factors in
Emotional Response to Abortion: King's Termination Study - IV). Right after the first abortion


women are already suffering from the complications that abortion brings with it. If women were
educated about the many risk they summit when realizing an abortion they would think twice
before having one because they would be more aware about how bad it could be for them in the
long term. Another statistic show "that 24% of American women reported problems with sexual
dysfunction that they attributed to a past abortion" (Adams, Marcus P. ''Conscience and conflict.''
The American Journal Of Bioethics). Women get different complications and one of them is
"sexual dysfunction" which might be one of the most important reasons for women to be
concern about. If a person has a "sexual dysfunction" that meant they will not get any pleasure at
the time of having sexual activity with anyone again. This complication might be permanent on
some people, depending on how much the damage was. Women do not know the risk that
abortion can cause on their bodies but they do have reasons to abort such as: knowing the
medical complications the baby might have before he is born.
Abortion is one of the most overrated discrimination in the entire world. "Disability
rights activists have begun to articulate a critical view of the practice of widespread prenatal
diagnosis with intent to abort because the pregnancy might result in a child with a disability"
(Saxton, Marsh. " Disability Rights and Selective Abortion". At the moment women
found out their kid is going to have any kind of problems since the time he/she are born they do
not want to take care of the baby. They do not think is fair to give birth and have a "child with a
disability" and then take care of them all their lives; all they want is a "normal" child that will
have the same abilities as any other kid. Other study shows that "92% of women whose test
show that they are carrying babies with Down Syndrome abort" (Sunday Times (London) July 4,
1999 as reported in American Feminist, winter 1999 2000). Women in society are carrying too
much about what people think about them and the people that surround them. Having a child that


has Down Syndrome should not be something to be ashamed of. Women decide to abort by
knowing the fact that their children will have some disabilities, instead of taking responsibility in
the child they decide to get rid of it. Women are doing nothing but killing their own babies
because they are not "normal". Women are paying too much attention to the little details on how
their babies are going to be born. " This DNA includes a complete "design," guiding not only
early development but even hereditary attributes that will appear in childhood and adulthood,
from hair and eye color to personality traits" (Schwarzwalder, Rob. "The Best Pro-Life Argument
for Secular Audience"). With the help of the advances in technology the medical branch has
gained many different attributes. One of those attributes is that women can know how their baby
are going to look alike, their eye color, predict their future, etc. Base on those findings women
are not always happy about the results which leads to make their decision to abort the baby
because the baby is not as they wanted. Babies are not dolls that you can manipulate to make
them look in a certain way, but a little piece of themselves. Women discriminate all the aspects
of their babies that are not even born and act as if they do not have any sad feelings about it, but
the truth is that women also get mentally damage when they get an abortion.
Abortion also cause a psychological/emotional effect on women. "94% of women regret
their decision to abort ("Know, Learn & Share the FACTS about Life"
Every women is different and has its own reasons to get an abortion but most of them regret
getting one. Women are natural mothers even if they did not wanted the baby part of them was
already attached to the baby before it was born. "Women who choose abortion are going against
deeply seated instincts, and this is why they feel guilty afterward" (McFadden, A., "The Link
Between Abortion and Child Abuse," Family Resources Center News) Women are already
attached to the baby since the day they find out they are pregnant, like it or not. The natural


feeling of protection and regrets affect women with abortions. They feeling of losing someone
you love, someone you know is really hard; but imagine how hard it is to lose someone you
never got to meet and that was part of you. Another study shows "that women who have
abortions show higher rates of later mental health problems, including depression, substance
abuse, and suicidal behaviors.(McFadden, A., "The Link Between Abortion and Child Abuse)
Some women deal with the guilt different ways, most of those ways are not good for their health
but they have too much guilt they cannot forgive themselves about it. Guilt is one of the most
difficult feelings to get over with because, especially in abortion, women only blame themselves
and that is why they try to do everything they can do to at least try to forget even for a moment
for the cruel reality they live in. In the other Hand there is people that say the abortion is a good
resource of escape from the "problem" or complication that pregnancy can cause.
There will always be people that say that abortion is something "normal" because
financial problems and that parenthood does not until the bay is born. Base on the statistic "93%
of all abortions occur for social reasons (that is, the child is unwanted or inconvenient)"
("Abortion Facts". People use the excuse that they cannot afford the baby
because they do not have enough money to give the baby a decent life to live. "Child support
resources are available for mothers, who are usually the ones needing to receive those funds, to
assist in the care of their children" ( Child Support will give money to the
women that need the money to support their child in order to have a better life. They will have
enough money to give their child a good life and do not worry about it so much. Some other
people will argue that the fetus is not a baby because is not born. They say that no one knows
when life begins. ( If they do not know when life actually starts they are
not taking the life away from no one. They are not doing anything wrong at the time of having an


abortion because the fetus is not consider to have the right to live since it has not been born yet.
In the other hand, Dr. Alfred M. Bongioanni, professor of pediatrics and obstetrics at the
University of Pennsylvania, established "I have learned from my earliest medical education that
human life begins at the time of conception. I submit that human life is present throughout this
entire sequence from conception to adulthood and that any interruption at any point throughout
this time constitutes a termination of human life." ( Life starts since the day of
conception, this means that women that have abortions they are in fact killing a human being
before he/she is born. As Daniel Patrick Moynihan said "as close to infanticide as anything I
have ever come upon" (Mark Herring, "The Pro-life/choice Debate"). Abortion is another way
for people to committee murdered towards another human being. Is a way that women use to
escape from their many different responsibilities as a mother of a child. Abortion kills many
child every year because women keep thinking that life is not until a baby is born, but scientist
say that life starts at the conception.
In conclusion, Abortion is a nothing but just a game for women until they realized all the
complications that they have after an abortion, the discrimination towards the babies with
disabilities, and the mental/physical effect that abortion cause on them in a long term. When a
women performs an abortion they gave concept about taking the life of the baby away. In the US
Code 18 & 1111-Murder is establish that " Murder is the unlawful killing of a human being with
malice aforethought."( In the US Code we can see that abortion is the same as
murder because they are killing a human being even before he is born, even before he/she is able
to fight for his own life. Abortion should be outlawed from the US. Government has to create a
law to stop abortion, in other words to make abortion illegal in the US. Innocent people die every
day when and abortion is been performed, and no one does anything to stop it. Is time for


someone to care about other people rather than themselves. Isn't that all that our parents teach


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