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Minerals Study Guide

Cleavage- ability to split along flat surface
Color- minerals usually found in more than one color,
not best way to identify
Crystal- Basic shape that a mineral tends to take
Fracture- tendency to break with jagged edges
Hardness- ability of a mineral to resist being
Luster- how a mineral reflects light
Mohs- the scale that hardness is measured on
Specific gravity- minerals weight compared to the
weight of water
Streak- color of the mark a mineral makes on a white
Pencil is made from graphite
A diamond cant be scratched by any other mineral
Streak allows you to tell gold from pyrite
Strip mining removes long patches of soil
Rock Cycle

Sediment- weathering and erosion

Sedimentary rocks- compacting and cementing
Metamorphic rocks- heat and pressure
Magma- melting
Igneous rocks- cooling and hardening