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Magdalena Jimenez

English 1010
Rebecca Miner
December, 01,2015
Issue Summary

Is Internet Addiction a Health Threat for Teenagers?

The internet evolution has changed dramatically our lives, internet

might help us in so many ways, now days it is an important part of our life
style, we can be more connected, more update to whats going on around
the world, it keeps us in touch with our love ones who might be far away
from us, we are even able to work from our house from a computer screen,
shopping online, we can have entertained like movies, videos, games etc.
but is this phenomenon becoming an addiction? Excessive use of internet
can bring us serious consequences specially in young people. Internet
addiction is not recognized in the United States as a health issue, but there
are people and health experts who are concern about the need of therapy,

and treatment centers for it, and realized that we need to take this
phenomenon more seriously than a simply social problem. Theres different
perspectives and opinions related to this issue, parents are the first
perspective, internet addiction does have a big impact in whole families,
teenagers are the second perspective, they expressed how they feel about
their parents being addicted to the internet as well. Last perspective are
Health experts they provide information about the consequences of internet
addiction in teenagers health and life , they also included the symptoms and
signs of internet addiction.

Parents Perspective

Its tearing our family apart. Its running our marriageI feel like I do
not exist. I cant get my child to stop. Said one of Dr. Catherine Steiners
patient. Internet Addiction has a big impact in families. Internet addiction its
affecting families in so many ways. Teenagers are lying to their parents about
the time they spend online or gaming, they said that they spend their time
doing homework but they actually spend big amounts of their time in front of
a screen. Parents are concern about the behavior in their children and they
might feel lost and lack of information related to internet addiction. Parents
said that because their children spend excessive time using the internet they
cant enjoy family time, teenagers are missing fun activities with their family

and friends, parents also noticed how excessive use of the internet its
affecting their child academic development and performance at school.
Parents who try limits on the game may find their children become angry,
irrational and violent.

Teenagers Perspective
Internet addiction its not only affecting and causing consequences in
teenagers but parents are also becoming addicted to the internet. Teenagers
describe how they feel abandoned because their parents spend more time
using their cell phones and show more interest and more responsive to their
screens than to them. Teenagers express how they feel when they parents
tell them to dont drive and text but their parents do it too. How are parents
being a good example if theyre doing the same?. There has been cases of
parents who have left their children alone because they are addicted to
online gaming. Teenagers feel disconnect and they feel that dont have a
family. Internet addiction can also cause divorces and break families apart.

Health experts Perspective

Health experts defined internet addiction as extreme overuse of the

internet, that can cause serious consequences in peoples work, emotional
health, physical life, and personal life. The Internet Addiction Test (IPAT)
explore a different version of a screening instrument to find out whether
different types of internet processes can be identify from one another.
According to the American Medical Association up to 90% of young
Americans play online games, 15% more than 5 million may be addicted.
Science has already stablished that early and excessive use of internet can
affect us neurotically. People with internet addiction need help, behavior
therapy, wilderness programs or treatment centers. Health experts
mentioned the signs and symptoms that can help determinate internet
addiction in teenagers ; excessive use of internet, depressive and anger
when internet is unavailable, deterioration of social relationships, decline in
academic or job performance.

Internet Addiction its a big phenomenon that its causing a

dramatically change in peoples life specially in young generations, parents
and teenagers need to have more information and a better understanding of
how critical this issue it is and how they can prevent it. Parents need to ask
themselves what kind of childhood memories do they want for their children
to have?, they can also think about what activities they want their children to
do in their free time and how important its to keep their family united and
have a good communication with their children. According to American

Academic of Pediatrics, if more information related to the internet addiction

issue its provided and parents contributed, Teenagers would respond well to
clearly guidelines about technology and internet use.

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