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FDR vs Adolf Hitler

Hampton University
Leadership in Organization 302 02
October 6, 2015
Dallas Thompson III

Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Adolf Hitler were influential leaders before and during
the Second World War. Both had their own unique way of handling their countrys problems and
were immensely effective in getting things done. With Roosevelts New Deal to combat the
Great Depression and Hitlers ability to get his followers to rally behind him no matter how
horrid the acts he authorized, they were able to better their nations by providing structure that
would influence the decades following the end of their reign.
Roosevelts Leadership Style
Roosevelt possessed many leadership qualities that allowed him to be an effective leader.
One quality was his ability to connect with the American people. He was a charismatic, goodlooking, well-spoken man. Also using newfound technology, the radio, to speak directly to
Americans so that they felt a sense of awareness. Roosevelts ability to bring Americas
together is what gave the war effort tremendous support when World War II started. Roosevelt
possessed vaulting self-confidence. Indeed, he possessed such a high degree of self-confidence
that his utterly untroubled conception of the presidency conformed to the image he cultivated of
himself in it. Meaning, the idea of presidency he had, is the exact form that he presented during
his four terms in office. Roosevelts confidence would enable the president to disagree with
advisors when confronting major decisions. His charisma and confidence are major parts to his
strong character which is another reason why he was so appealing to the American people. Since
he was left paralyzed from polio, his physical status deteriorated throughout his presidency.
Because of that he had to keep his physical status a secret from the American people because
there were more pertinate things to worry about during those trying times. His ability to cope
with the crippling effects of polio reinforced his courage, tenacity and hopefulness. All of these

traits make Roosevelt a transformational leader because he was able to analyze the dire situations
that America was in before his presidency and then implement new things to change America
profoundly to this day.
Adolf Hitlers Leadership Style
Even though Hitler did many horrific things to the people he had influence over, he was a
phenomenal leader. He had a natural ability to rally people behind his extremist ideals and many
of those ideals outlived him. Nazi Germany became a world power after the botched
reconstruction of the broken nation after the Great War. The extreme left wing ideas gave the
German people a way to get out of hard times. Hitlers charisma and string public speaking
abilities helped him reach the highest ranks in the Nazi Party and he eventually became Furor of
Germany. During his time in power he imposed his idea of the perfect Aryan race and he sought
out to unify all German speaking people. He also blamed Jewish people for the plight of
Germany and he wanted to exterminate them, starting the Holocaust. Hitlers Nazi Germany
terrorized the people of Eastern Europe for years until nations like Great Britain and the Soviet
Union decided that he was out of control and the Second World War ensued. Hitlers speaking
ability made his influence possible. His strong belief in his ideas and vision changed Germany
forever. It is because of this, Hitler exemplifies a transformational leadership.
Compare Leadership Styles
Roosevelt and Hitler were both transformational leaders that changed the world during
and after their times of influence. Although the effects of their changes varied, Roosevelts
changes were positive and Hitlers changes were negative, they both changes the world
nonetheless. They were both able to use their personal traits and strengths to point their nations

in their respective directions. Building a nation takes extremely strong character, even stronger
beliefs, and vision. Roosevelt and Hitler possessed all of these traits which is why they were so
successful in using their leadership style to influence their subjects and get things done.
In conclusion Roosevelt and Hitler were exemplary leaders and they both possessed a
transformational leadership style. They were able to change the world and their imprint is felt to
this day.

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