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Module 3: Reflection

Learning how to factor polynomials is an important concept for the

further development in math. In order to learn how to factor polynomials one
has to understand that what the correlation between a standard form
polynomial and a factored polynomial is. To grasp this concept and
understand how factoring works, I best learned this by multiplying a factored
polynomial out and returning it back to the standard form. This helped me
show that a factored polynomial is a simplified version of an equation and by
multiplying out that simplified equation, it gives you that standard equation
equal to the factored equation. Not only that I understood the purpose of
why someone would want to change the form of an equation.
A factored equation helps solve for the given variable. The best
method of how I learned the factoring of an equation is by understanding the
importance of the middle term within a given equation and that essentially
one is breaking that term apart to regroup it with the surrounding terms in
order condense the equation. Not only is that using the inverses in the
factoring processes, factoring essential for problem solving. One method of
factoring cannot always be used and this is why the learning of when to use
other factoring methods is important. In learning how to do this one must
know if a factor can be solved through standard factoring by multiply the first
term by the last term and finding factors that add to the middle term. If not
other methods must be used such as completing the square or factoring by
grouping and to be able get a solution. To get better at determining and

learning when to use each method is through the exposure of different

This exposure helped me learn what type of methods work in each
problem. Not only helps me find a method that best suits me to factor
polynomials in general. The constant practice was essential for the
development and understanding of factoring and its important uses in math
and problem solving.