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December 2, 2015


Lyceum of the the Philippines University
Laguna Campus
Calamba City, Laguna

Dear Sir/Madame:
I am writing to express my intention to apply for the position of Part Time Instructor for the 1st
semester A.Y. 2016-2017. I always look forward to any opportunity to share my knowledge
particularly to the younger generation and teach in an academic institution which upholds high
quality of education and promotes holistic learning. During my diminutive but fruitful teaching
stint, I have crafted valuable learning modules and taught social science, literature, writing and
speech classes. I have also experienced teaching students coming from different backgrounds
with equally diverse skills and levels of learning.
While I take pleasure in and benefit from working fulltime as a government employee, I feel an
extraordinary sense of bliss in teaching -- above all, witnessing my students learn the subject
matter, develop a positive attitude towards learning and value education. Along with my
technical skills, I adhere to employment ethics and work efficiently and effectively with people
from the different levels of the organization. Being an artist also moulded who I am as an
educator. I value discipline and hard work and encourage my students to make use of their
creativity, resourcefulness and innovativeness.
I have attached my curriculum vitae for your reference. Should you wish to discuss further my
credentials and qualifications, I will be prepared and agreeable for an interview at your most
convenient time and day.
Thank you very much and looking forward to an affirmative response.

Respectfully yours,