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Haley Williams

First Grade Redhawk Revue Rehearsal 2 (15-20 Minutes)

Lesson Objectives: To use proper singing voices and posture
To sing the words clearly and with precision
Concert Preparation
Duple Patterns
Standards: Adopted Marshall Public Schools Academic Standards of
Expression of Music (1.2.1)
Materials/Resources Used: Piano, Song of the 50s Book/CD
Lesson Procedure:
a) Introduction
a. Students will walk into class and be asked to step to the
side of the room so we can assign them their Redhawk
Revue rows. Girls will stand on one side and boys will stand
on another. If at all possible the students will alternate boy
girl on the risers and they will be put in rows based on how
tall they are. Once they are in their Redhawk Revue rows I
will explain how they will walk into the classroom next
week and what side of the room they will sit on because
the other first grade class will also be with us. We will warm
up by singing the Hello song and backbone up with the
piano. We will also review what good singing posture looks
like and what level voices they should be using when they
are singing.
b) Procedures
a. Before we learn the rest of Jailhouse Rock I will play the
piano and sing the parts that we learned last week. After I
play and sing it I will have the students sing along with me.
If they need a little extra help with the opening verse and
chorus parts I will fix that.
b. During this class we will be learning the last two verses.
Teaching the verses will take the same structure as when I
taught the opening verse and chorus. I will break the
verses into smaller sections and have the students repeat
after me the words in rhythm. Once they speak all of the
sections they will speak the entire verse in rhythm. I then
will take the smaller sections and have students repeat
after me the words with the pitches. Once they sing each
section they will sing the entire verse with the piano and
me. I will have to explain to the students that we will be
singing the second verse (spider murphy) twice instead

of learning three new verses. Because of this we can no

longer sing along with the CD track that has the words in it
because we are doing something different.
c) Transitions
a. When we run each verse I will also have them sing the
chorus afterwards to get more practice with the verse.
When we are about to sing along with the CD I will remind
students what good singing posture looks like and to show
me on their fingers what level voice we use when we sing.
d) Closure
a. Now that the students know all of the words I expect them
to sing along during the entire CD track. I will still be at the
piano playing along and singing in order to give them extra
help with singing the pitches. The students are only singing
with the instrumental track now so they dont get much
help from the CD. We will sing through with the CD twice
and then move on to the next song for their concert.
Accommodation: If students need more review time to remember
what we learned last week I can spend more time on that with them.
Also if they are having a hard time learning the verses we can spend
more time saying the words in rhythm so they will be more prepared
when singing. One of our first graders has Cochlear implants so I need
to wear a microphone when I teach so he can hear me better over all
the other noise.
Assessment: (Observational) Part of my assessment will be of how
well the students can remember and sing what we learned last week.
Another part of my assessment will be how well they can speak then
sing the words of the verses. The last part of my assessment will be
how well they are able to sing along with the instrumental track.