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Angelica Hurtado

Mrs. Julia Intawiwat

Eng 111-10
September 3, 2015
Journal 1
My Favorite Teacher
During my twelve years at school and five at college I remember many
teachers but not all of them with the same love and nostalgia as Ms. Maria
Gracia Stojnic my English teacher during my last two years of high school. I also
remember Mrs. Rebecca Frattini, an excellent teacher and person who taught
Physical Education during four years of high school. However, the teacher who
really made a difference in my life was Mrs. Claudia Chavera my elementary
school teacher for three years.
Ms. Maria Gracia Stojnic used to be a Flight Attendant in American Airline
until she got in an accident and wasnt able to fly anymore. She spoke four
languages: French, German, Spanish and English. Her accident did not stop her
life and she then became an English teacher. She was the best English teacher I
have ever had. She taught me to love languages and the importance of speaking
more than one because she always said that In the future, languages will
become one of the most important parts of a resume and she was right. She
also taught us to be brave, to continue fighting whenever we face different
situations in life. She herself was a great example of bravery. She was not an
affectionate teacher. She never gave hugs to her students but she showed us
respect, care and she always helped every student succeed.
Ms. Rebeca Frattini on the other hand was the happiest and most
enthusiastic Physical Education teacher I had in my twelve years at school. She
was very funny but strict and always showed us kindness and respect. I learned
from her to see the best in my peers and recognize their values and potential. I
learned how important is to be healthy and active. Through her PE classes I
learned to organize sports events and other cultural and social activities at
school. She did not realize that with the opportunity she gave me, she was
introducing me to the world of Communications and Public Relations, the career I
would pick years later.
The teacher I am going to remember forever is Mrs. Claudia Chavera.
She was my elementary school teacher for three years and even during my high
school years, she always kept in touch and close to me in case I would need her
help and support. I learned from her to work hard, to be responsible, to always
continue learning and never give up. She always finished her classes with a
beautiful smile. As the years passed, she continued to stay in touch as a very
good friend. However I havent heard from her since I moved to the United
States, but she made such an impact in my life that I decided to name my older
daughter after her.