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University of Houston-Victoria School of Education and Human Development Teacher

Education Program Professional Behavior Survey

The purpose of this evaluation is to examine teacher candidate professional
performance when in a field setting prior to student teaching. This includes both
field observations and field work. This survey is to be completed by mentor teachers
and/or school administrators. The performance of SoEHD teacher candidates in
school settings is of importance to the quality of the Teacher Education Program and
VOICE Program.
Directions: Please rate each item below on the basis of your professional
interactions with observations and field work of the named Teacher Candidate.
Please return to: Dr. Amy Barnhill,
Please use the following scale for each of the items to follow: 5=Exceptional
(Highest Quality), 4=Strong (capable performance), 3=Adequate (Improvement
needed), 2=Marginal (Much Improvement Needed), 1=Unsatisfactory (Performance
Unacceptable), NA=Not applicable/not observed
Student Name and Signature:
Faculty Name and Signature
Faculty contact information
School - contact information
Dr. Amy Barnhill
School Administrator (if applicable) name and signature
1. Professional Conduct: The teacher candidate demonstrated sound judgment and
ethical professional behavior during field work and field observations. This includes
interactions with grade level teachers, school administrators, peers, faculty, and
classroom students (Danielson, 2007).
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__ 5. Flexibility: The teacher candidate displayed a willingness and ability to adapt to
changes in events, conditions, activities, and tasks within a field setting.

__ 6. Appearance: The teacher candidate's appearance was appropriate and

__ 7. Attendance/Punctuality: The teacher candidate was punctual when in a field
setting. The teacher candidate attended all scheduled field observation or field work
8. Respect for Diversity: The teacher candidate displayed a recognition of, respect
and empathy for human differences in ethnicity, gender, physical ability, and
intellectual ability while in a field setting. (Danielson, 2007).
9. Written and Electronic Communication: The teacher candidate's written products
reflected appropriate spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax and format with clear
and legible writing. The teacher candidate's communication is professional.
10. Oral Communication: The teacher candidate's oral communication displayed
effective voice and speech delivery patterns and was professional.
11. Reflective Practitioners: The teacher candidate displayed the ability to reflect
evaluating his/her own experience and receive constructive criticism.
12. Technology: Demonstrated appropriate levels of technology for classroom use
and professional communication
13. Online Professionalism: Demonstrated appropriate use of social media and
maintains a professional online presence. The teacher candidate's personal use of
social media does not interfere with his/her teaching responsibilities.