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Muhammad Rifqy

Jl. Pedati Timur Dalam Rt 004/009 No 27A

East Jakarta 13350
October 13, 2015
Human Resources Department
PT. Graha Technosoft Informatika
Jalan Panjang No 83 F-G, Graha Elok Mas Jakarta 11510.
West Jakarta

Dear Sir/Madam,
Having read your advertisement in, I send this application and would like to be
considered for the post of a IT Staff or any position you think suitable with my educational
background and qualification in your company.
I am Bachelor degree in information system at Universitas Gunadarma in September 2015
with GPA 3.40. I would like to have career to expand my experience. I possess adequate
computer skill able to use MS Office and enough to understand programming such as
database application (SQL, MySQL), Java, C++ and Android Application. Besides, I see
myself as a disciplined person, a hard worker, have a good time management, quick to pick
up new skills and eager to learn from others, can work well, both individually and with in a
team. I assure you that a high level of efficiency would be applied to any assignment given to
me and I am going to give a great contribution for your company. My expected monthly
salary around IDR 8000.000
As a consideration, I attached:

Copy of Bachelor Diploma and Academic Transcript.


Curriculum Vitae


Recent Photograph 46


Certificate of Public Speaking and Certificate of English Proficiency (TOEIC)

I shall be highly obliged if you could consider me for the post in your company and look
forward to having your reply soon. Thank you for your consideration and attention.
Your Faithfully,

Muhammad Riqy