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Justin Axelrode
Professor Malvin
English 115
29 October 2015
University Tolerance
California State University of Northridge is one of the most beautiful,
diverse, and respected universities in America. But even with the large variety of
cultural students, racism is still a huge concern. Due to the lack of knowledge
about each others customs, the leading issue in todays society is racial conflict .
With the addition of building a Tolerance Center within the CSUN campus,
prejudice and violence would greatly decrease in our community.
All throughout Americas history, there had been a discrimination against
minorities. Before the Civil War, in 1861, slavery was extremely common in the
South. After Pearl Harbor, in 1941, Americas fear and anger led to the isolation
camps, which separated Japanese citizens from the rest of the country . In 1991,

Rodney King was beaten senseless by the police forces excessive violence . And
in 2014, unarmed Michael Brown was shot and killed by cops after robbing a
small liquor store. Washington Post catalogued the deaths caused by police in
2015, where the deaths are organized by race and gender. Surprisingly, the white
race has been the most affected by police brutality. One hundred and seventy-one
white men and nine white women were killed just this year from cops. Along with
one hundred black men, five black women, fifty-four Hispanic men, three
Hispanic women, six Asian men, and three Asian women. The crimes these
people committed are unknown, but there is absolutely no reason that the police
should have killed this large amount of American citizens. It is highly important
for the police to learn about other races and cultures so that the death count would
dramatically go down.
The reason for the needless deaths of citizens in America must be due to the
lack of knowledge about different cultures. The police force and everyday citizens
make false accusations of one another, causing violent and sometimes fatal

outcomes. In the book, Twilight: Los Angeles, Allen Cooper, aka Big Al writes
about his personal experience with racism in L.A. Its been twenty, thirty years,
and people suffered beatings from law enforcement You got to live here to
express this point, you got to live here to see whats goin on. You gotta look at
history, baby, you gotta look at history (Smith, 100-101). As stated by Allen
Cooper, racism is nothing new. Its been here for decades and will continue to
exist for several more. However, if people had a better understanding of other
beliefs and customs, then there would be fewer issues with race in our society . It
is believed that one of the primary causes of racism is that people fear the
unknown and believe false stereotypes they hear about other races . Fortunately,
the CSUN Tolerance Center will easily clear up all of the negative stereotypes out
Although it is hard to change the entire mindset of a generation, affecting a
well-populated university, with various cultures, is a good place start. That being
said, CSUN would highly benefit from adding a Tolerance Center on campus .

Located near the art department, the Tolerance Center would offer a wonderful and
free way to learn more about other students backgrounds. Inside the building,
there would be several areas, organized by race. Each section would be comprised
of historical information, artwork, and accomplishments.
However, just because a Tolerance Center would be new to the campus,
some students may wonder why they should even bother visiting. For starters, the
Center would offer a ton of fun activities, such as events, games, and movies to
help offer a better understanding to old traditions. Gaining knowledge of these
traditions could truly be eye opening. The Tolerance Center would also be a great
place to meet new people and build friendships. Also, not visiting the Center
because of not enough time is not a valid excuse. According to Statistic Brain
Research Institute, the average American spends 5 hours watching television daily .
There is always free time, which would be much better spent learning, rather than
blankly staring at a screen.

The main goal would be to greatly diminish the racism in our community.
Because of the fun activities, interesting historical information, and beautiful
artwork, people will come together by learning about new topics and sharing
common interests. Understanding and befriends different types of people will
guarantee a change of mind for the better. California State University of
Northridge could not be any better of a location for a new Tolerance Center in Los
Angeles because it is known to be one of the most racially diverse campuses in the

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Letter to Professor
Professor Malvin,
I did not struggle too much while writing my essay. I am very confident
that I made a valid argument on why CSUN should open up a tolerance center on
campus. I believe I have improved my organization skills in my essays and I have
made my vocabulary more complex than it has been in my previous essays. The
only issue I had was when I was writing to reach the minimum amount of pages
required. I felt like I reached all of my points and countered all arguments
perfectly in three pages.

Justin Axelrode