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Text for number 1 to 5

My name is Nuri. I live on Jl. Merdeka. My house is near

the post office. Today, my mother asks me to
accompany her to the supermarket. The supermarket is
on Jl.Bahagia. There are many public places along this
The park is in the corner, near the library. There is a
bank across from the police station, there is also a
cinema. It is beside a bakery. At last, the supermarket
itself. It is between the drugstore and the bus station.

1. Where does Nuri live?

a. on Jl. Bahagia

b. on Jl. Merdeka

c. on Jl. Sudirman

d. on Jl.Benteng

2. Where does her mother want to go?

a. Bank

b. Post office

c. Hospital

d. Supermarket

3. Where is the bank?

a. near the school

c. near the drugstore

b. across from police station

d. beside post office

4. Where is the supermarket?

a. between bakery and cinema
b. near post office

c. between the drugstore and the bus station

d. near the bakery and school

5. Where is the cinema?

a. beside the bakery

c. near school

b. across from the bank

d. beside post office

6. Moslems pray in the...

a. mosque

b. church

c. temple

d. airport

7. The capital of East Java is ....

a. Bandung

b. Surabaya

8. Traffic sign means...

a. persimpangan
b. rambu-rambu lalu lintas
9. The opposite of south is ...
a. north
b. west
10. The doctor works in the ....
a. school
b. garden

reading - I - book - am - a.
is - There - a - bag - pen - in - the.
have - We - bags - two.
I - pen - red - a - have.
wrote - She - letter - a - yesterday.

c. Semarang

d. Medan

c. pertigaan
d. sudut
c. east

d. northwest

c. market

d. hospital