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Open ah oe Exeryhing This sequence shuld not foe much more thon res seconds heel clip one: ° coin oppecrance izes 0 move developed by acid for Pax THRE perform the yi ‘yam flim flam: ee the top coin to the fingertips cheek, Youle thumb ps 7 the lower coin you can now spread igh 2 tablecloth move LOG LADY SMOKES ‘Chis Kenner re ‘The performer removes © very small pure from his pocke! and opens it showing noi ‘Aveo cers sored tom wii he pre ren n ft inthe purse, The mnded out for bythe performer kom he purse. haa, inan tiempo gets ofthe annoying woodies, rmaying woods keep oppearing ot his fingertip hole when that hoppers). inal, na desperate atom! o save face helas elgardteppeors compltaly rshes into ellervescent nothingness. be wearlng a Georgio Armen facke! reo). AS lng os the purse is small and your 32 routine should work out fst os wall i] gS | jock! pocket ond he oker cigar 30, lna bewideced, incoherent, 4 $ Thane you for the warm, vn Magic Man says: Recyele ‘Mogi Mon soy: Proce mokespafect -Mogie Mon says: Never underestimate your audience -Mogie Mon soya: Wor SUCKS teaching fr yourletapal, While yo ing along ly bod jokes Place the puree edt ‘and thumb ond sop m from a cigar shop fam a ‘Purse open the purse hth the purse back the ided continue by saying, “Did | mention elgars Ifyou 7 x table lough ro. geting i of cigar. You right hand hold is ego he the pocket and moves direc towards ‘evey. When the hands mee, Th hand's cigar is Paced poral and alongside the exposed cigar. The hand's igor grabbed betweentherghtfoelingc and thumb figure eleven) hand edgewive with he moa ‘ond shoves the tip of process os the right hand reveals is um from undemeath figure fourteen, Ro y vence two more times, Al the end of hi ‘ploce a cigar into the lat ’ igh lingeips.. All motions of ‘sequence should be uid ond gracehil manner ina very casval manner. cigar oa specator al your ight leaving the purse open Transfer Ie fingertips, toking i edgewiee jst os bel ing him pla 2, noluraly fo your side allowing fhe cigar € | 124 you Toke out © fet such os King ORFOURFOR ris Kenner rx Four cords are cleanly displayed and fpped face down ontop ofthe deck, ely dik ous disarming sublerfugethe cords se! of cards on tp ofthe deck, 6 3 the bo cards nha ight gale" ype acon Figure ona), Pa he rght volt hand cards and hold ll four two). The right hand moves oll he cards overthe dock un lhe onde et edge ofthe deckishidden. As soon os he thumbs touch the let i middle fingers squeeze downward outing the cards above the brook to ren cards and te of wilt vaste back up oo polm vp positon (igure fv Squore the deck rom cbove wih he righthand and push off hetop four cards into ‘ight hand. The joxapositon is now complete SLEEVES Fst cher x cord of the table and slides th cord int the left hand's packt just os four dudes ore ono before, Munch, munch, munch, Crackle, crac, crocle. Ensley counthe four ‘cards o$ four followed by o relly i “camibals* ype manner he King Ball arch on young, virgin, BO Tieg Kenner F Fromaborrowed o shufled dackhe magician mokes a prediction. Acord Tsthen selected and returned fo the pack. Lets assume ts he two ofcubs. Three fora good ‘cards. Ina very offbect manner pl thand cord ontop ofthe dack ond square the cards wth your right hand rom above os your ight hum pushes down onthe injog cord and! ‘rip. Place tha deck onthe cardsistwo eighiin youshonds potedly wo x cord oppet Push up kom underneath with you left foreingr ackof clubs ond jock of black card. For ow purpose Cut these cord othe find pair cut 10 | | plan mat edna from top total mods onthe abe. Fyou con down in your lt hand inthe dealers ckin bid grip rom theo and kick ous THIRTES Yu righthand takes the the deck taight vp and dribble p drop. io oon os You wo ard ratuned bokeh nh elt hen Pl ng yo pinky between he Wo hls hed ng he csiene relax Now double und the slacon the top. Explain hat ou left thumb pushes the top card over sigh £0 the le tak under the two of cubs. From the top dow the o 'be foce up X cord faceup wo fhe fae Gowntwoct cbs rec folowed card and place 3 your card isa wo" as you mn uF right hand. The ost car, fondisshowntobethe chosen pocket face up and Eimsey cot “Tine twas two bu phy ofmagicand anexcallent ‘ecion on audiance management. Ther a fic ofthe book by hameeles, ion Price $30.00 a year icks Payable to: th he Magic Man Examiner Subseri BUSINESS REPLY MATL. Chris Kenner Make and SAVE $$$$ ‘Subscribe now information contact: Murphy's Magic Mar P.O. Box7373 SI. ovis MO, 63177, maps Bae ent FIrFTrec Pease dono! as this up, This routine has been pot ffect of Chris for five years. has reco Siete te, ences ei) omeslopees act el vo tots eee ets Serena ecm allie cs dele, W fos no pr ‘no convontonalshutlopasse, dr akcess hone dling. The coins are handled in 0 very light tnd casual manner. ais fon the ‘coins SFR Weal ead eee empty throu Got hold ef four sr do 10nd as you losstie sock fom he leh hand ino the welting right fingers. At ths nd direct a mq _at the finger ie, entire multe US rertins tf ins ae bald in lcs bya ie Helena second finger fig . youll and sharply thle obout Wo Inches the owemast coin wil bo pe into 0 beste hoger poln finger shold one nm magic ap ens ands are seen disappear i er hang Aik formance. ‘ not curl your fingers This ection sa bit of mirecion ily ud imward end onto these twa cons 30 et they ccna @) tienen ‘Thien siver Half dollars dra produced grip he oon fhshe sel il are mei’ ingripr in vy mage. fo ght band rae al ‘manne Suddenly, the coins bogin 0 ditap. one. Allins happens yr oa dy cn too hort re pack sl 7 provide axcolon ena fingers ond place tha coin ne fet hand behind Fingers, cd the remaining coin i leh Hand! Finger palm. ‘Now forthe opening produc fen, : Begin with both ors hanging ntuelly ‘tyour side. Look ot your ll albow ond cen GQ ever Sr bevanc cna oh hin ‘your tight hand (figure two). At ‘hell should bethe middle coin. This production’ ing aight hand’ coin ia elatie pal, tou Sowa Sg Lppermast coin ihe righthond igure ices). However, ets form sre0n the Fight thumb quiely slides the uppermost coin emer enh ei rent eee ee ws 9a). Ostensibly ple height hand's Sarabande see tts the let hand's coin with your right fingers. Tap he back of your left she coining pan (gir thitoar). The ) Rein Sai i Fo Randy for IDNIGHT TRIMINATOR RR no as ALOPECIA MOVIES ae Being n yor own set babs fr ha CS se GILENCE OF _ MAGIC MAN "2! date bain n tenis "Sm pe fee go THE CHICKENS EXAMINER, |.7; ‘cohonized, ond Ths oe fick cold hoe dom TE MOWER Sita The ag tet ine yer cad, 2049. A anol band of ral hove eco som Vio $79.95, eric sin99s. ea ew TE a a ee 3 waar How Ino Regsemble he packs with he ocs going bock tpn. Perm o sip ot owe There he le ond paket ly entiatic and gracafol manner, four Produced rom the deck COMING SOON... BOOK OF EXTRAORDINARY >, MAGNITUDE BY CHRIS KENNER Senco the third CONCEIVED bd ited 14+) WRITTEN i) Wegppud. ontliroakione add vs Ragasabs in MCh rand PEM other ferple ers bile dr o-hement Sél-4 fagan, M6 ae te oe a ly tot web eg fo wii ale Mafade) “V* Saihe Weivale. bean posing vp al evr he pos ow neal Be Cao Fane tol nec Ww sonsst (8uIS. we Se EE? FEE st “ie cayenne unex, 99290, soy anqeced SAUD 2% wpe O18" | VET UNG WHILUIG FOULLO THREE AWESOME ITEMS, INCLUDING: IMAGINE TWO BANDS BEING VISIBLY LINKED IN