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Nicole Verret


LEI 4724

Drama Group
Citation Source: Boretti, T. (2015). A price tag on treasures. Retrieved from on November 11,
Equipment Needed: Scripts one for each participant of short stories, plays or poems. Chairs in
a circle, or around a large table. Possibly a stage or open room.
Activity Description: This activity is designed to work on positive self-expression, language
skills, problem solving and following directions. Drama can provide a way for participants to
come out of themselves and examine their own challenges from the vantage point of another
person. This group would be appropriate for most settings, and can be adapted for the group,
whether long term or short term, inpatient or outpatient. Ave the group participate in assigning
roles, and work on doing a read through.
Leadership Considerations Leaders will want to pick projects based on their groups primary
goals, whether skill building, leisure or social. For example, in a group where participants may
change every week, trying to adapt a play to be presented 6 weeks from now would probably not
work; however a short story with multiple characters would.
Adaptations With an older adult population this could be an excellent long term group, whether
in a nursing home, adult day center or community center. This group, could work on longer more
complex plays with multiple characters, and could be presented to a larger group as a production
with a read through or even the actual play. For groups with memory issues one time group that
works on short stories or poems, focusing on stories that relate to the era that of when these
participants were young. Additional adaptations can be made for any group include large print,
cues and prompting, or impromptu dialogue based loosely on a familiar story, poem or play.