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Nicole Verret


LEI 4724

Talk bubbles
Citation Source: Darley, S. and Heath W. (2008). The expressive arts activity book. Philadelphia,
PA: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.,
Equipment Needed: pictures of people from magazines, paper, glue sticks, markers, scissors.
Activity Description: This activity can work for individuals or groups, and is focused on
creative expression as well as communication skills. During the activity participants are asked to
pick several images of people. The participants can glue one or all of the pictures to a piece of
paper. Discuss comic strips, and how dialogue is represented. Younger children may need to see
an example of this. Encourage the participants to create one or multiple dialogue balloons for the
people they picked. At the end of the session encourage them to share the stores and further
explore the dialogue.
Leadership Considerations This activity is open ended - depending on the group structure and
topic of the group or individual session, and the age of the participants, you may want to supply a
topic for this comic.
Adaptations This activity could be adapted depending on the group members, their comfort
level with each other and the topics being discussed. Instead of having the participants create
comics, have them create puppets of the person (or multiple people) with blank dialogue
balloons. Have the characters of one person or multiple people interact.