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Nicole Verret


LEI 4724

Build a boat
Citation Source: No Author (No Date). Float my Boat. Retrieved from: on November
16, 2015.
Equipment Needed: popsicle sticks, newspaper, string, hot glue or elmers glue, construction
paper, paper clips.
Activity Description: This activity is designed to work on communication skills, problem
solving. Participants can work individually or in pairs, but this activity is designed to be
completed in a group at least 6 participants. Participant pairs can be pre-selected or participant
selected depending on the purpose of the group. This would be an excellent activity for children
or adults. Pairs are each given identical supplies and an allotted amount of time to build a boat.
The boats will then be each floated individually and timed. Participants can be given awards for
longest time, shortest time, most creative, etc.
Leadership Considerations Facilitators should be encouraging and teaching positive
communication skills between partners/participants. This activity is also meant to built up the
individuals, encourage them to have fun the goal is not simply to have your boat float the
Adaptations For participants who have difficult with fine motor skills, larger supplies such as
tongue depressors can be supplied, or some pre-made materials. To make this more challenging
during the float stage participants can attempt to add items while the boat is in the water.