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Nicole Verret

LEI 4724
Hobby Day
Citation Source: Coston, R. (2014). Collectors showcase. Creative Forecasting26 (9) p13.
Equipment Needed: Room with tables, with enough space for participants and visitors to easily
maneuver around, such as a gathering room, auditorium or cafeteria. Signs for each participant
and their item, and other items may be needed to help display personal items such as plate racks,
easel or boxes.
Activity Description: This activity can be as large or small as the organizer wants, however the
larger the group for participation the greater the impact. The goal of this activity is to increase
social interactions among participants and reminisce. Participants are asked in advance to bring a
special item to share; something that holds meaning or a story that they would be interested in
sharing. This could be a picture, an object, piece of clothing or small collection. Each participant
will be given a set amount of space at a table to setup and display their special item. The display
can last for a set amount of time-whatever the group decides is most appropriate.
Leadership Considerations: This activity is focused on encouraging social interaction between
participant, and participants should be encouraged to plan to be there as long as the display is
going on, and to visit all of the other participants.
Adaptations With children this would be a great get to know you activity in a group setting.
Instead of setting up, each child could take turns sharing in front of the group. For the facilitator
it would be helpful for these participants to have set questions that they can answer about their
object such as whats your favorite thing about_____? Where did you get it/Who gave it to
you?. to emphasize the social component, the participants may be given an additional
assignment to pick a partner and answer 5 other questions about their special object so share
with the group. In an inpatient setting such as a rehabilitation setting or hospital, this could be
stretched out into a longer period of time , say a week where participants are encouraged to have
one object that they can share with other folks within their own room. Participants would be
encouraged to visit other individuals and receive stickers or stamps on a passport for each
individual they stop to talk with. Staff in a setting like this could also be encouraged to
participate as it would help to foster relationships with staff outside of their typical role.