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Dispute against to standard fare notice

Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Rumana Khanom, this is regarding a standard fare notice issued against
me on 20/11/2015 at 6.15 am in LUAS. Standard fare notice SFN No is 742830 and Ref
No is 000000755175.
Today (20/11/2015) morning Ive tagged in with my leap card, serial number 10041
55507 1213 before board the LUAS to go to Sandyford. While I was travelling Ticket
checking officer ID 376 ask me to show my ticket to validate and Ive shown him my
another leap card serial number 10050 37647 0814 by mistake. So my second leap
card was showing as not tagged in and the ticket checking officer issued me the
standard fare notice and ask me to dispute this notice with an explanation.
Please check the below my leap card transactions history for your reference

Standard fare notice:

I would like to request you to revoke the standard fare notice issued against me. I
would be grateful if you can revoke and reply me on 0899508070 or
Thanks a million in advance.
Kind regards
Rumana Khanom.