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Reaction Paper No.

Learning from Failure: A Case Study in Entrepreneurship
Going Alone May Not Be Enough

Angelie Paula L. Basergo

BA 307
August 22, 2015

A. Summary:
Daniel Crenna is software developer and the same time an entrepreneur
engaging in ecommerce platform. In his case study Crenna shared his business
not so glorious triumph in ecommerce platform. Unlike any other stories, Crenna
chose to carve up the joys and pains he encountered while he was developing
his long time advocacy of teaching other who have the same interest as him.
Crenna chose to study his own experiences to find out at what point or situations
in his undertakings failed. He cited factors which he thought in one way or the
other have caused his entrepreneurial ventures. Crenna created Lunarbits, an ecommerce platform for selling digital goods. His vision of what Lunarbits will
become. Fuelled with so much enthusiasm he started developing new products.
I had a vision for a platform that gave absolute control to the content creator,
whether they wanted a traditional "one URL equals one download" type of
experience, or whether they wanted to stream video content within a browser to
a subscriber base. In effect, Lunarbits was meant to possess all of the flexibility
of Shopify, without the out-dated transactional approach to content purchasing of
Fetchor Pulley, or countless other market participants. (Daniel Crenna)
After the success of his venture Crenna was inspired to apply for Ottawas Lead
to Win program.
Lead to Win is a six-day, intensive, business-building exercise put on by
successful entrepreneurs in the region who are passionate about growing
opportunities. Through a series of keynotes, peer evaluation, and private
planning, culminating in a "big pitch" to a small group of successful CEOs and
investors, business ideas are put through the ringer to determine if they, and the
people behind them, have what it takes to become successful technology
businesses. Each business that passes the evaluation is tasked with creating at
least six jobs within three years. Lunarbits was put to the test, and came out the
other side with the green light: "Go build this!". (Daniel Crenna)
B. Critique:
Danniel Crenna is an author/ developer worth emulating for. In his topic Going
Alone May Not Be Enough he admits that working alone is not enough no matter

how good you are in your profession. I have always been an advocate of solo
entrepreneurship. I consider myself a "code soloist", over time, I have learned
that certain categories of problems need teams, no matter how ambitious or
capable the soloist.
C. Meaning: What does this material tell us about what it means to be human?
As human being we have the ability to acquire knowledge and skills and
eventually master them which is innate in us especially when it is in line with
interest or hobbies. Manipulating computers and studying their parts and how it
works are one of the examples. Daniel Crenna is one of the few who are well
verse in software engineering.
Like Daniel Crenna I am a person who prefers to work alone than being in a
group. I believed so much in my capacity and I dont see the need of soliciting
others opinion. I used to believe that there is nothing wrong if I work on
something alone, even when the task demands for it and without realizing that
some things are worth working with a team. Indeed, the old adage that says two
brains are better than one applies. There aspects that we cannot see but others
I like the character of the author because of his humbleness of accepting his is
shortcoming and sharing it to others not teach but serve as red light to others
who have the same ventures as him.
D. Reaction:
I selected this topic because i better relate this with my own personal encounters.
I am not software developer but in some way I am like Crenna. The reading is
very inspiring most importantly to individuals who are aspiring to be in the
business of developing ecommerce platform or online business undertakings.
His bold way of sharing and making his experiences as a subject of his case
study is not an ordinary thing to do for an expert like way. For some they will
conceal the truth about their failure and will only share what is successful.
But for Crenna he shared his experiences because he acknowledge the fact that
there is more that he could have done but realized it a little later. He wanted
readers not to fall in the same failure as he is.
E. Application:
Id like to start by quoting Mr. Suzukes words Many failures have pave way to
great success. Failure is not the end of our undertaking rather an opportunity to

start something new. Failure is not the measure of ones future but door to do
better. They are warning or sign that tells us we are not on the right track or we
are not doing the right thing.
In life I have encountered countless failures. There are times when I wanted to
give up but a little voice inside says I shouldnt. I am motivated to become better
each failing moment. I use it to challenge myself.