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Samantha Wojcik and Katie Plucker

EDUC 344
Fall 2015

Subject Area
Grade Level
Summary of the Lesson

Title of the Lesson

Academic Standards


Vocabulary: Three Tier

Dams and Water Filters

Grade Two
Students will learn about dams and
will be able to create their own
water filters.
Design It: Water Filter
2-PS1-2. Analyze data obtained
from testing different materials to
determine which materials have the
properties that are best suited for
an intended purpose.
2-ESS2-2. Develop a model to
represent the shapes and kinds of
land and bodies of water in an area.
Students will be able to explain how
technology can affect the
Students will be able to use the
steps of the engineering design
process to design a water filter
using everyday materials
Students will be able to apply the
scientific concepts of water
pollution and water filtration

Estimated Time
Materials Required


40 Minutes
Coffee filters
Cotton balls
Engage/Explore: First teacher will
ask students questions about dams
to ascertain childrens prior
knowledge. Teacher will then share
background information about
dams and then will read the feature
with the students. After reading,
teacher will ask them questions to
reflect on dams. Teacher will then
ask students to complete the Effects
of Dams chart. When students are
done teacher will ask students to
share their answers and will ask
them questions to help them
develop their inquiry skills. Teacher
will then ask students to summarize
what they learned about dams.
Teacher will then tell students that
today they will be designing their
own water filter with everyday
materials. Teacher will then show

the students a jar filled with sand

and pebbles and will ask the
students how to separate the sand
from the pebbles. Teacher will
suggest a strainer (coffee filter with
holes in it) if they do not suggest it.
Teacher will show how the sand
goes through the holes while the
pebbles stay behind. Teacher will
tell children that the water we drink
goes through a water treatment
plant that filters the water many
times before it comes into our
homes. Before beginning the
activity, teacher will have children
review the engineering and
technology Flipchart page.
Teacher will then ask students
Inquiry questions to hypothesize
about the best ways to filter the
water. Teacher will then have
students test their hypotheses by
pouring dirty water through each
one of their materials. Teacher will
tell the students that their goal is to
filter the debris out of the water.
Teacher will remind students to
take notes on what they observe.
Explain: Teacher will ask students
to talk about Developing the
Engineering Design Process: find a
problem, plan and build, test and

Formative Assessment

Student Resources

Extend/Evaluate: teacher will ask
the students Quick Check questions
about their filters. Teacher will ask
students what they might do
differently if they did the
experiment again. Teacher will ask
students to have groups share their
findings with the class. Teacher will
ask students to draw and describe
their design and suggest that
children also add ideas for
improving their water filters.
Check Effects of Dams page in
Ask questions about the dam
Circulate around the room while
students are making filters
Ask students questions about their
Have students pair share about
what worked in their filters and
what did not
Have students write in their science
Workbook page
Flip Chart