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Choose your favorite artist or art period. Write a self-reflection paper supporting why the artist
or art period is your favorite. Use the outline provide to establish the key components of the
reflection. Then, elaborate on each point to fulfill a full-length paper at least three paragraphs,
single-spaced with 1 margins, using 12point font. Use MLA formatting and remember to have a
Works Cited page listing all resources. When finished, create a button on your home page and
link your presentation to the button. Label the button with the full name of the artist or art
Extra Credit Option: Compare and contrast two of your favorite artists or art periods.

Art Period: Renaissance

a. When did the period begin (timeline)? 1300
b. What interested people in this art period? The humanism
c. Why was the art period important? Because it revolutionized all of art from then on
d. Group of artist that may have promoted the period?
Leonardo Da Vinci, Michelangelo


Artist & Artwork

a. Name_________________________________
b. How did this artist become interested in art?
c. How did this artist get started?
d. Self-taught or formal education in art?
e. Materials used?
f. What subjects did your artist focus on? (seascapes, western theme,
portraits/people, flowers, variety)
g. Accepted as artist during lifetime?
h. _____________________________________________________________
i. _____________________________________________________________


a. How did you become interested in art? From my dad
b. How did you get started? By drawing some simple pictures
c. What medium do you like to use? Graphite
d. What subjects do you like to focus on? Fantasy, science fiction characters
e. Has anything happened in your life to influence your work? Not really
f. How are you finding ideas for your artwork these days? By playing Video Games
g. What characteristics do each of your art pieces have in common? (this is your
artistic identity) Most of the characters are from games.


Compare & Contrast

a. How you and the art period/artists work similar? How are you both different? Both
of the artwork focus on people, My artwork is more modern than renaissance
b. How does the art period/artists work reflect how you see your style/artwork? I see
them as something that I want to achieve in my work
c. How does the art period/artists work influence how others see you?
I dont the art form the renaissances influences how others see me.

d. In what way does this art period/artists work relate to your artistic identity? Some
of the characters drawn are different people

a. List each website visited of which information was found and or used.

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