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The World During WW II

Adolf Hitler

Hitler was born in Austria, and he went to a regular village school. In

World War I Hitler was a Bavaria infantryman. He then worked his
way up to be the ruler of Germany. The power he had must have drove
him mad for he saw a vision, a vision of an expanded empire, a vision
of the perfect country. Hitler wanted a happy country where everyone
was perfect, so gypsies, Jews, and beggars were sent to concentration
camps where they usually were killed.
Hitler didnt notice that this was not a perfect country he was building.
Then Hitler ordered the invasion of Poland, starting off World War II.
Poland was not the last. One by one many of the little countries in
Europe fell to the might of his armies. As powerful as he was he made
a huge mistake by attacking the Soviet Union. American, British, and
Soviet troops finally defeated the Nazi army in 1945. Hitler committed
suicide and Germany surrendered.

Joseph Stalin

Joseph Stalin was born in Gori, Georgia on December 21, 1879.

When he was a child Stalin suffered smallpox and septicemia,
that crippled his left arm.
Became leader of Russia USSR in 1929.
When Hitler attacked in June 1945, Stalin personally took
command of the Soviet armed forces.
Stalin died in 1953.

Hirohito was born in Tokyo on April, 1 1901. His father
was the emperor of Japan. As a child Hirohitos was
known as Michinnomila. In 1916 he was crowned Prince
of Japan. In 1944 he married Princess Nagako. When
Hirohitos father died on December 25,1926 he became the
124th emperor of Japan. Hirohito had 7 children 2 sons and
5 daughters. Hirohito died of cancer at the imperial palace
in Tokyo on January 7, 1989.

Benito Mussolini

Mussolini was the ruler of Italy

Was born in Predappio in Romagna on July 29, 1883.
Allied with Hitler in World War II.
Was wounded in grenade practice in 1917
When trying to get refuge in Switzerland after World War II,
he was executed by Italian Parisians

Anne Frank

Was born on June 12, 1929.

Was a Jewish girl.
She had to move a lot to hide from the Nazis.
She wrote about her moves in her diary that she
called Kitty.
Died in 1945 at the age of 15.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

He was born in 1882, Hyde Park, New York

He was the 32nd President
He was the first and last president to have 4 terms
Married his wife Eleanor on St.Patrick's Day, 1905
Died in 1945

Axis and Allies

Axis leaders:

Allie leaders: