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NURS1020 Clinical Course Evaluation

Final Evaluation

Student: _Gabrielle Gagnon_

Clinical Instructor: _Rebecca Rutherford_
Missed Clinical Hours: __0__

Missed Lab Hours: __0__

Please circle the appropriate box

Course Objective
Established therapeutic
relationships in
residential long-term
care settings.

Performed skills
relevant to situating an
individual within
his/her personal,
familial and
community context

Developed and
demonstrated skills in
basic assessment
techniques relevant to
the long-term care

Demonstrated skills in
providing (resident)
client-centered support
for activities of daily

Evidence/Indicators: (The student has ...)
-Listen carefully when residents are speaking
to demonstrate interest, care and establish
I allow them to vocalize their concerns.
-I adapt my methods and style of
communication based on the specific
individuals needs (dementia, aphasia,
impaired hearing, confusion, etc.)
-Always introduce myself and state my
-Act respectful and honest toward residents at
all times
-I have come to know what certain residents
like, thus when it comes to starting
communication I can begin with a topic that I
know will interest the specific individual.
-Did a Mydays assignment on a resident
therefore learned a lot about family history,
life, interests, etc.
-Brought various residents to social activities
such as bingo, pet therapy, keno, choir, etc.
-Encourage residents to participate in the
aforementioned activities (often participate
myself to further encourage residents)
-Inform residents above daily activities and
events they can attend
-Promote socialization at the dinner table by
introducing topics that may interest the
residents and start a discussion because often
they all sit quietly at the table.
-Can perform basic assessment
skills/techniques on my own without any
difficulty. These skills include: respirations,
pulses (heart rate), identifying if breathing
sounds are regular/irregular, identifying if
heart rate is regular/irregular, temperature,
blood pressure, skin integrity, skin turgor,
capillary refill, pupil dilation, spO2, bowel
sounds, etc.
- Anytime I get a resident ready I always
ensure to observe the skin for any
abnormalities because those in long-term care
are often more susceptible to surface
abnormalities such as pressure ulcers, lesions,
edema, bruising, etc.
-Allow/encourage residents to do any selfcare that they can.
-I assist residents with various basic activities
of daily living such as: getting out of bed,
performing hygiene, getting dressed, feeding,
brushing teeth, ambulating, tidying living
space, and going to the washroom.
-Administered some medications to residents


Did not

Identify 3 personal strengths developed in this placement.

1. Patience: I believe that throughout this placement I have further developed my
patience with others. This has been developed because, especially in a long-term
care setting, most of the residents need more time to perform tasks that I would
normally only take seconds or minutes to do.
2. Communication: My experience in the long-term care facility has allowed me to
come into contact with a variety of individuals with different communication
needs. This variety has allowed me to develop the skill of being able to adapt my
methods of communication to the specific individual to better understanding and

increase effective communication.

Professionalism: I have developed a certain professionalism through working in
this professional environment. I have demonstrated professionalism by applying
proper nursing care appropriate to first year nursing student level, introducing
myself whenever I enter a room, stating my purpose, maintaining the residents
dignity and being respectful.

Identify 3 areas requiring further development.

1. Become more fluid, rapid and comfortable with head-to-toe and basic
2. Familiarize myself with the various signs and symptoms and interventions
associated with various common chronic diseases to be better prepared to care for
such clients.
3. Continue to practice the checks for drug administration to gain more confidence
and fluidity in this area.