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Reflection on Group 1s micro teaching

Perfomed by Kim Trc

Students level: upper-intermediate
Number of students: about 25
Course: Speaking
Focus: expressions for agreeing and disagreeing

The lesson was well prepared.
The teacher was confident while teaching.
The teacher has a clear and loud voice.
The teacher successfully employed PowerPoint slides in her teaching.
The materials were interesting.
The teacher could manage to engage the students in her class activities.
The teacher gave the students chances to work in pairs and in groups.
The teacher gave the students feedback and corrected their mistakes.
The classroom was dynamic.

The teacher was too serious.

The teacher was in a rush when teaching because of time constraint. (We do not need to
have all teaching stages in only 20 minutes)
The warmer was overwhelming; it was like reading comprehension.

After having corrected students pronunciation, the teacher should have asked them to
say that again.