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~ PNBNOPERA fe Los ANGELES Music ‘CENTER OPERA HANDEL, S OPERA INTHREE ACTS 1738. o “Translated and adapted by STEPHEN WADSWORTH) > ‘Wi idan! oe By CAROL BORAI PALCA Music by GEORGE FREDERICK HANDEL Based pon aibreito by NICCOLO MINATO, ater bp SULVIO STAMPIGLIA Sphere, 093 SYNOPSIS ACT ONE “ere th young ling, ripe for love, des hs amorous tenons 4 lvoe tte, Ps brother, Arameng, sneaks pst wh isan, Fev, en ron to woo i see ove, Roda Rossing a song fom er balcony mocking Xerres ‘pssion fr tere, gern oth brothers, who stable pon Eichother. Arsene pretend gmorane ofthe singer Xeric 2 Ireaktrong an hot tempered yng man, decides to pareve Roms sl sewing Arsarenc¥ scr, desaer ht his brother ue ell Ronis pert owes thon cnt Arsenene waves ewes con ‘losin Renta oy co bars fx ohh ln Roma ress i, rer Atlant, Roms ste, abo pe for love, She iets ‘nec amorous aterm to Arsene Tis annoys Ronis Kens tur olan Roms ashi rhe slog ad cares. Te fires his brother island anise in, Sdnly yong oe na longer innocent the sakes se errs begins hs relate snd sometime ere cours of Rods, who is tise so torm raf er ori She wets heres ith 9 Sear wo ofc Tver Aor Frcign pines bere o Xess. She hasheanl othng fom her fant and hs come, dngsed x3 an, Enter Anode, father of Rms a aan, son jomed by Xeric, vase hide, Xeras tells Arodte tha Romi Ilsoon be weit te royal mi, to someone “egal to Nees” ss delight and gra Trleng he lone, cies is desire for Roni eh aos eves het Hey bt cannot bring hers licens aly are daydrsns eat about love When Xese wanders off sesso overhears conversion ‘beoeen Arsene and Bro, who have crepe bac wit eer for ‘Romula, rsiene orders Evo oid wey to main nea the toute ont an opporenity ras eo deliver he leer. Aste, having served Kener postion nd Asamene® restant misery sngaly Aetensines to revenge her on Xess. "hse peyson Rosas credulous nd toy since ‘Arsene ef insouatng that Arorene sendy love somone new Romi sees tong het ier poy snd vigortaly warner not purse Aramene, ut Alana pererly Seremined wo res Iredge beeen the lovers She cosieroter stele sod takes ‘aig in renewing her vrous lente acr Two. ir, dened a3 we sll, Assamese eter hand awa the tad etide Roms howe sating hisomens. Amat engages Jim in convertion ar ears tht Rul Jos a ove Neves ‘hough Nene emus obsess with RemullaArasue aves in 2 ate alanis Erol next stoma shen se engines she tas the letter nd promsesto deliver ito Rewha dec She Tella ie Romillaisacthat momen writing» hve eer sate king ‘Appa, Elio lores ut "the letter now pasts fom Aaa ro Xen se syste fiom Anam obo nthe i). Neties delighted so hear at “Arsanene does na love Rola, gees to marry Aun os Uther this earls conwenince Atlas ells et aot le “Arssnege wil erin detain that he Loves Roms, bt se te there loves her ose won't suspect at were erves now shows Ronde Arsene’ lee, and Rema teins herself eyed To Nee she sy she wil sys lone Arsene; ohersefshe ay heel ot, She sellers eee plensy an anger st Arsamene’ bea Il Anmstre slfers erly Nees tayo. Eco prevents ier from hari bene Elvi cepa ests’ to Asimene: Roma loves the bing. Mier lent see sonore ‘eres ciniaces Arsmene withthe sews hat hel bath be weit the women they lve a they ar friend ae gsi tl [rsnce dsoversthae Nery sl wants Ror Nera Finds ‘Aratnene persistent declarations of love for auld ilaius ts jstas Atta preditel) Eventlly Arai cnvncer Nerves thet Fetes not love Alas Neves whi Roa on Atlante 30 feller to quit he conning and id someone ese tofve- But Aslan, sud vlnerabe fee she ay have comet Tove ‘Anomene ry. ‘Kerc ponders the uncertsny off Evi nds efge fo is saosin drink and lease, eres aml Amante ne ford loves. Nera overkars Aas ce he King ati he two fc sory but Rem oes then to disengage snd admonsies thers both "Tie wan wo ons hisconkison fo uehin, noover she” Roni mn, rele onfooing of XeresingpiesAnastre ACT THREE Romids and Arsene ange hese then confront Ata with her tin secening he feelfeensses, tats shure nd at ad ‘inde Hct ne Ro He says hecan andl as ng, fore er to wel him, She sy he wl Ineo ey hr king, ane eves rmphane Arsene st thing cling Kesha could sey what he si ‘They Srgue ain Thar paens se naruto They septs; passbiy forever eres ls odie tht he promised ropa wedding wil ‘over within ena whea une Ohi ry an el hk Spent dai Rows Ariat ames Neracs means Arsene ‘Rola as Amare to cary a mesage to Arsene isk ‘elves nly hiv and tha they mt lope to sve tl ove ‘Anaste,nervn aks Rela to deliver leer to Xess for her Ineeling to wnitont Nemes Asse he reovered her dni she reales he wl laa vit only shallows eel be a ese. She foes lf to nd Arsanone Te eters rom aneher drecxon to nd {Rois wih satemes be ar bute asus she ot in Xe an belineshe can exp hey ae gn Fighting ite Alte iether ad, bee hey ca ena tha they are iphing moms them, perth ng decree" They are dm fame Everyone delighted cacept Nero, rns nis ‘etling cakes if anepory yee, tof the ceremony. ‘not nme teak the new ohn hain, Arse eer to eis mow fred to cn ors wih things a hey realy are, at x hs wuld ke ther ote, He st aknosedge Roms and Ananene are trevacsly marr and ean fo enh ‘ier al when Aste confront ita he tery shamed and hhh with gree gentleness to stay Te baslesrped le rom his [passonal pri of Romi tgh nor what he expec all i Tonging fr love snow raster to sae whoones Bn ‘tlt if witout shove severely chastened by thine sh has deceived ae cy ch we. Stephen Wadsworth PROGRAM NOTES Formostofhis cee sa composes of pens Handel wrote or bis own company ofbrvaa singers. He was bound bythe publ ate for von agg to wre wo font along ang of rant solos loo identical form bsnl capo ari) separated oy ly recs rey hy ener, Handel made vite of this fral secs afsing these works wth muss beguiling so drsatally teste and so wonder varie ht once inside ha da po ft Teeeris wing epive ro Towards the end of it opera cee, ‘when nny fhe sre defected alters, Tal wrote hi lat "ee opera fora new sore ors gifted wou. The geet of these od erainly one ofthe bes of afl lis opera it Xe (1738. Ta Nese Handel ally broke down the forma scheme of is ander ra bound operas. We can fer! how Ler es let form serve thecams, how reed heist be eo comps ight thro ad pst th conversion that ha tated te shape of iar work. the Sit enende scene of New alone — movelke + Mont fale dns 4 wodkof 1758 ane sons the plot ke sooth sone cos the ‘rte A sigleargheolonesong toa re; eater ied nto sm {cheat mverenty recites ineroping ais jt eno esly complet; minted ap aria ng bone character then repented in iene nth onl srl worl changes, by another character (ro ‘thes agree, wing the same moe, which nips both het loenes and ‘ins, witoot the wal rorncl fom the orchers bd no bigbravars ‘inal the thitenth ner in the cre. The wring wity tet snd rvshing ir alfeence, sexless ration fom echo ace a thi seganee Handel is recsining opera um the these of singing for the heater of charter He revving the sia nd AramaticBaency and felt of Monteverdi an dling om Morars doorstep a nemly ree-p form pe fo fhe development. He wasaied by ibe igi writen ot the end of Mootevet esuin 1654, when bel camo and msi rama sl sare be, before ‘iwc Singing sone could enti an opera howe, Cavalli et that, eto eighy foo years ley, Handel et ch-sifed version fi whic had been renared by anther writer. Land thesergoersn 1738 could Sin Xerzera msi rama of or then) unprecedented Msi ad age workof range, sophie ‘ean aol dep lms eel acing a Beh ply fhe pred. Te Pari he French plipurighe Maina was wring ily tie and eoional ety comedy drrea daring exc the see yearn whieh anel wat wing oper. [wonder if Mande esr bated the Chanel nds 2 Mario ply. There ate nay sais bene Nene the Marin camels the motor ofthe losis sinason comedy but, the character find themselves fing very serous emetioa enna nthe stale jut coud be higher. People were whet inert Handel, oe tai the perc contentions jot ge ln to his charac to unect ‘hen oben hom ana ope ty with them an he perils, coy jones. compassion, esis ied to them in tbe owrorswee am pling the sings Akos faving vee ‘hem ereizad the wesome responsi of ering ther wih he rests ce ik» father In Neer there the sense that testi down the arate ok the roa er for icin — ihe hd Roms, Avsanene, Arab, Keres, hiv, Amaste-- fo make the rough plas pliner for than, ase hey te so young They realy Frage they venture fh nt aktbood wih ide experienc of he worl shekered ven pied, aed ony with ens of wht love ard mor might be ands nly inspite by the comply ofthe enon trations smog his character erin web of lato, sd he stand of yay at moral esponsliy nervine eacheroay Handel kes sure hat noone character antched by theater! siernns. Fie, cch nda — ep, erty vlan, etnng, secking — gmgeal in perfect pty trough the bleed window of inzonpecin that isms. Then collins th echer cer, and be senan parka ironies yng ~ pas of love, geen, Sp thy ropes, knoe, ‘Winton Dean, mpasonedchwapion of Hands, noe of hell to uggs the rfound the commonplace ad he Fiiclos apes of human bela, oc aol in the same oper ta ‘hese stead station, leer Handel beside Monteverdi and Morarcass maser of aac iony on any ele” ners in 480 B.C Neri the fas Nort nan ing ron of Dara inten on bug ridge conecig sia Minoo Europe and marching eos to conquer Aten. Bu here lil he eto that peso Pea oto Xess scomyihren ts school flor pli Moreover, thee isa sony English vor to THanks tvesnnent ofthe racers and stats Tae tyne ny 70 Engl ee He eho gy en sighconh century satis the mot ppropiesting i thi quite tin ag-oFnightenment try flat, groweh and elf knee, ‘andes Xerer wise a Bing precogtves nl power, bat tiie ation he trying to govern, not anet Per, exply not sone fsrencenth-cenrry Venton vei icf cee Pes sn i al sg, ae ss Winsath A. NOTE ABOUT THE TRANSLATION ‘AND ADAPTATION Xess wi pay forthe fit ns, a Tain, in London in 138 The fs esi ofthis ation wae wae in 1985 fora production at Shp here este Miva ma exten reve en ' te tothees vs ye yh te {with hlingemslocaconos xenxes Katherine ClesasiErderica von Stade AARSAMENE Dian Ao tuo George Hogan ROMIDA Dawa Upsawr AIMIANIN Fi ile Diner Stephen Wasnt SetDaignee Thoma Lynch Cane Designer Marta Padiae Lighting Designer Peer Kacorowsk Gondactor Kenneth Montgomery Inabgig Serone ne kg ae_a ah a Maniacsh Sento et seve tis Ateneo Au yu lal ete Act Le Teng recat scene veut tn ting a-plo te rows Lalded aspen pole made there change to rearioe nd lary the drat ofthe opera The rye ters ae nec ‘heys presse tlt fom he ls, Wt they are dened 2 ‘mney the favor ofthe orignal, with its sor line lengths and del, rater alae rhyming The anguge American gl, althovgh the rors of most monde ere reach lnc to ightenth-