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Action Point

Look around the location.

Talk to people there, organise filming


Identify the equipment you need to


Examine and identify any potential

health and safety issues
(e.g. crowd numbers being controlled,
being set up in a sensible location that
does not block access points or that
damages the environment or frightens
livestock, any road/traffic issues etc)

Check the position of the sun and

lighting conditions.

Check the electricity supply. (For the

majority of exterior locations you will
be using battery power)

Check the nearby car

parking/transport routes

Is the location suitable for production?

Chosen Two Locations:
1. Dinton Pastures Country Park
2. Photography Studio
The first potential location is a public country
park which is open 24/7 to the general public so
is available at any possible time. The second
Location is available via a booking sheet as it is
within the college. I have booked this Location
for Monday 16th November.
I am borrowing a friends camera so I will need
to organise a time to collect that from her so
that I can take a high quality picture. Also the
lighting in the studio will need some assistance.
The health and safety issues in the country
park are not of a huge worry apart from the fact
that weather is colder and can sometimes be a
little damp or icy. Regarding the photography
studio making sure not to leave cables where
they can be tripped on, not touching the bulbs
in the lights in case of burns and making sure
none of the borrowed equipment is returned
Lighting in the country park may cause an issue
as weather is often unreliable and recently been
very rainy and gloomy, this may affect my
photoshoot. The photography studio has
professional lighting and a white backdrop for
bright, clean and high quality images.
For my exterior location I will rely on natural
lighting and editing of the image if the day I
have chosen turns out to be overcast. Inside the
studio there is ample power sockets to plug
lights into.
There is a large public carpark in the country
park and clear road signs giving directions to
and from the location. Also the photography
studio is within the college so it is easily
Yes, I think both of my chosen locations are
suitable for production as they both give me a
lot of choice with shot types and lighting
settings creating a contrast between my images

in my magazine, ultimately creating interest.