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Gemma Schauer

house across the street from them. After the


brothers were found murdered, evidence was

Honors Comparative Civilizations

9 November 2015

linked to Surur.
This goes to show the danger and the terror

Current Event: ISIS

ISIS is infamous for causing reign of
terror all over the world. They have used up

ISIS is causing and how viscous these

killing can become. ISIS is talked so much
about on the news, so what exactly is it?

to date technology to communicate and

display their works. Videos of killings are
placed online for the victims loved ones to
see. Even with these videos, there are still
countless killings going on behind the scene
that are not viewed. Recently, two young
brothers who were anti-ISIS activists were
killed by an acquaintance named Surur, who
claimed that he formerly was a part of ISIS
and needed help moving on from it. These
men became very close, Surur even brought

ISIS stands for the Islamic State of

Iran and Syria. Its origin can be traced back
to al Qaeda, specifically in Iran, who are
responsible for series of bombings,
kidnappings, and beheadings. However
today ISIS is not afflicted with modern day
al Qaeda, and has been successful on their
own in Iran. ISIS has seen success from
taking advantage of weaken governments
and brutal force. They are able to have so
much power because it drives from
government systems that lack motivation or
dont have the expensive to fight against
them. It also became so easy for them to
recruit new members because of how they
took advantage of social media. Social

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media is also a reason why they have

some members that still live in the states.

become so well-known in the past few years.

Some of these members have been called to

It is easy for everyone to view the videos

preform terrorist attacks on U.S. soil

that they create and then they can easily be

however few have been successful.

spread, just like any viral video on the

Previously, the government has announced

internet. To move on, ISIS is made up of

that they arrested an Ohio man who is an

Sunni Muslims, and the Iran government is

ISIS supporter for attempting to bomb the

made of primarily of Shia Muslims. So it is

US Capitol Building. Some are still

easy for ISIS to recruit new members by

concerned about what ISIS can do. As we

persuading the Sunni Muslims in Iran that

can see in the videos that they release, ISIS

feel as if they arent as important or dont

fighters receive combat experience, weapons

have a say because of what they believe in.

and explosive training, as well as access to

Overall, ISISs goal is to unite the whole

terror networks. This can become such a

world under their power and have one

concern to the US because we can never tell

leader. This has been causing disruptions

when ISIS will attack. Other parts of the

because they have been doing this by using

world are also at risk because people from

such force, and they have conquered so

all over are travelling to join these forces.

much territory in a short period of time. This

Some are even preforming terrorist attacks

leads to concerns all over the world.

that are seen on the news, like one of the

In the United States, ISIS has been a

problem in the past. Many United States
citizens have left their home and travelled to
the Middle East to join ISIS. There are even

gunmen in the duel terrorist attacks that took

place in London in January 2015. These
foreign places are at an even greater risk
then the US is because most of them dont

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have the military or the supplies to fight
ISIS back, which will make is much easier
for them to take over that area.

ISIS killings